Looking for a tribe - experienced player from W17


Hello everyone in w75,

I'm looking for a serious tribe to a part of. I'm a skilled player from W17 which I was a part of for a few years. I was a strategy commander there that organized big attacks (1500-3000 nukes operations) fakes, necessary scripts and all. I can be a big help to your tribe if you want me as part of your team. (I did not win the war in w17)

I'm currently located in 36K, but I'm willing to relocate if necessary (front lines or so). I'm an aggressive player, who farms, attacks players and is not afraid to lose his nukes for a good cause. Sends support to the front lines. I trained many new players good strategies, give tips about good and bad nukes/troops. Hustle sleepy players around or barb nobelers only that dont participate in a war.

If you are interested in me let me know here in the inbox better through my skype is (yahko-kun) and send me a message. Ill be confidential about any conversations, wont pass info to other tribes. Hope to hear from you.

Thanks, Yahko.