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Hello All,

I am wanting to join a tribe, but all i seem to be able to find are tribes run by illiterate leaders, and I don't want that.
I wouldn't consider myself amazing, but i would like to think i am atleast average.

I have played since 2006, and feel like i could be a great asset to a tribe.
I would like to either start up a tribe with someone, or join a tribe and start at the bottom.

I am K23, and my village is near the co-ordinates 350|220.

Let me know if you want me.


LOL when I was looked on Your TWstats history, than I did not see when You was got more than 7villages lol...


you can join us if you like?

Hello i am the second leader for ...black knights... I am writing to say you can join us. I will send a request.