Looking for account


Looking to take over a playerless account.
Preferably on a frontline somewhere, or in a tribe with more than a few enemies.

I'd say a minimum size of say 300k.

I currently am playing on w56 (under this username). Have just finished up a war where I was entirely on a front line, and now that the war is over and I"m on a backline, I am a little bored.
Troops are all on LR defense runs, growing a cluster on the front line. But it will never be on the same scale as it was.

Hence I need an account to run that will keep me busy.

PM me if you have anything


are you looking to co a limited haul world acc... 5 villages. about 37k points. Troops for days, and surrounded my enemies :p

mail me via the forums and let me know what you think. I don't give my skype out to everyone


I'm looking for one to, mail me under same name in 62 or 59, I've played under different names since w24
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