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Cry me a river of Tears

Hello world 94,

I am one of the old tribalwars players and have decided i want to give it another try.
The thing i am looking for is a active team ranging from 2-4 players with experience.
As stated before i have played tribalwars for probably 8 years now (had my breaks ofcourse) and had my most succesfull acount here http://nl.twstats.com/nl39/index.php?page=player&id=487724298 (long batteling for first place but got abandoned by the main player which left me and my co-team mate with to little time to manage the account)
At the time i was familiar with all tactics like back-timing, sniping and timing ect... However at this moment i will be a but rusty as you would expect.

As stated before i am aiming for at least a top 10 account with active players with good communication.
The earlie game farming is the most important but later on i would like to transision into the diplomatic and strategic planning as main task.

Are you the team still looking for an additional member with the experience and alligned ambitions send me a PM and let's rock this world ;)

PS i am currently in college and live in the Netherlands (my times are extremely variable and within about a month i have summer-vacation)


I am solo playing right now but I am very active and aim for the top of w94.