Looking for an account or to be a co-player


My Experience:
I love to attack, I love to make players suffer. Make them go inactive and quit, I love war, that's why I feel this world suits me. I guarantee I wont let no-one down. I have good strategies when it comes to war and i just love to have a bash at leading tribes to victory.

Mini Experience: Lead Ascend(Rank2) on W37
mostly near the end of Ascend's days with Grieve7 as an account.
OD Experience: On Grieve7 W37, i got from 2mil ODA to 10.4mil within a week of slowly nobling little players and nuking insane players.
If you wish to contact me...
Add DBDaniboy55 on skype or send me a PM on here.

Many thanks, Dan.


So you will let everyone down?

This world is/will be pretty dead, best off looking at another world.
any suggestions? ive tried 62 but i had no reply.

This world has a few dead players in MoM though and W30 has a few dead players too.


well you'd be better off looking in a world that has gone long enough to reach a level of truer competition.
around the stages that w60/61 are at