Looking for an account or...


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I am looking for an account to play on. I can also Co-play an account if someone is looking for a Co-player. I have played on World 19 before as the leader of ~HA19~. I aam expirenced but havent played for a little while. So if anyone is looking just hit me up on here.


unless a flying chicken with no head says so.
Oh look its dekzy. did u quit again yet?........ How about now? Whats this your 5th visit to this world and still not making any impression?


Post up in the right forum next time pal you will just get spam thrown at you in here, like im doing right now.

Lets all enjoy our infactions.


Wow man!

how many times have you gone trolling for an acct?? :icon_eek:
And on how many different worlds? :icon_rolleyes:
Join the newest world and start one.....