Looking for an account to play!

Discussion in 'W50 Recruitment & Applying to tribes.' started by WeAreElectric, Oct 22, 2011.

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  1. I'm an old player here. IGN : Sbomb295. Need my past worlds and currently worlds? add me on skypey. i can put PA on the account that will given to me. any position of the world i would lovely have it. :lol:

    Skype: Twisted-of-fate
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  2. 02Mayfair

    02Mayfair Guest

    Not many accounts are about at this time mate.
  3. SmeXy Hippo

    SmeXy Hippo Guest

    I don't doubt theres accounts but these forums aren't the place most people would like to pick a player up.
  4. bobby turnip

    bobby turnip Guest

    only really experienced players (that have a reputation) can actually pick up accounts here, and if they want an acc, what they do is just mail friends and grab an acc that way usually.
  5. sure just gonna mail them. :)
  6. you can close this bigbadwolf. :(
  7. DaWolf85

    DaWolf85 Guest

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