Looking for an account

G1V3 M3 V1LL4G3

Hey people .. I am looking for an account just like yours and i am a very experianced player .. some say im to active as i can be on the game all day if i wish as i own a iphone and 2 laptops so even at work to :)

I played world 9 .. got to over 2 million points and am very experienced .. the only problem is my account has been deleted so i cant give you my t.w stats but i would do anything for that account .. please deaply concider my request as i am used to such a big account and am currently posting in the forums for an account .

Get back to me A.S.A.P on forum and PM :)

Thanks and please

The Lewder

You know it is possible (with a bit of research and hard work) to find your TWStats page :p You would have to go through former tribes (if they are still around) and find your username.


Dont you already have the same thread opened already why is there 2 threads for the same thing