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Hi there,

I am looking for a decent account in this world. I prefer that it's on a frontline, with troops ready to fight. I will tell something about myself:

Well, I started playing tribalwars when world 5 came out. That world is my first and best world. Mytwstats. You can see I am getting owned a bit.

That is because they were not that happy that I left their tribe :icon_rolleyes:
Because of that, they sended 4500 attacks, which I survived. I am very active, also I am very agressive towards enemies :)
I can time trains, splitt them, and I am usualy a teamplayer, as long as the team does not suck :icon_wink:

Let me know if there is any account for me to take over. My skype: the.roman.empire or my msn: dennis.lans@live.nl
you can always ask for more information on msn or skype :)


So you had an account the quit and now you want to come back???

Yesss you used to play kylan possibly was it? It was a TFB account if I remember rightly!