Looking for an account


Hello world 11,

I am Smivers, I am looking for an account in your world. Obviously, you ask why, and I will tell you why.

I have had a career in TW, all the way from W3, and have decided, to give it a rest. I still want to play a world, where there will be war (world war :icon_wink:). But I don't want it to be a new world, active and crazy.

I have played many worlds, W3 as DEaquire, W16 as Lord Arjen, W20 as amonzul, W21 twice as TNP1017 & Satrix, W32 as Der Reich, and W50 (Recently quit) as Angle-grinder.

I can do all the cool stuff you cool kids can do too :icon_wink:

I'll give more info on reply.

Sincerely, the love of your life.


You're just trying to get in every world I play ;) I mean jeez I know I'm lovable but that's no reason to stalk me :eek:

Contact me on skype..computer is on the fritz (did I just make that word up? :eek:) so it might take a bit to reply...not like days or anything, but you know.


Lol, I wanted to join Lone Wolf, I didnt even know you played here. Wierd init :p your everywhere!