Looking for an Account.


Good Evening, dear players of w1.

My name is Daniel, I am 14 years old and I am from Sweden. That is just me summarized in one sentence. But don't worry, here is some more. As mentioned I am from Sweden, which means that I regularly play on the Swedish Servers. I've been playing this game for about 1 year, which indicated inexperience, but that is certainly not the case. At the moment I am about to win the 12th world with about 1,3 million points [Nick - Jilixi], and I am also active on the 14th world [Nick - DaniBoy]. For more stats, check out http://twstats.se and move towards "värld 12" and "värld 14.

During my year as an active player I have learned a lot, which means that I am aware of the vital parts of the game. Currently I am looking for even more experience, which can allow me to develop in the future. As a person I am ambitious, and intellectual which I think reflects on my language. With that said, I am studying at an International School, an therefore the language will definitely not be a problem.

What I am searching here at .net is one of the many inactive accounts around the world, which can give me experience and a boost to the tribe that I may represent. I do not have any special point limit, though I would not like anyone to come and offer me an account on 200.000 points. If anyone of you decide to give me a chance, please contact me here and then we can solve it on Skype if that is possible.

This was just a short compilation of who I am as a player, in case anyone is interested there will be a further presentation. I hope I caught your interest, and that we will talk soon. You do not want to miss out on this opportunity.

Best Regards,
- DaniBoy


191 players remaining and of those like 10 reads the forum, I wish you good luck though!


That is what I am saying, 10 people reading the external forum? Looking like some tribes need some active player.. :icon_rolleyes:

Jokes aside, if anyone is interested do not hesitate to contact me. I might also say that this request is in general of worlds here at .net, it is not just focused on w1.