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Heya people i just came back to TW after a long break and atm i am just looking to take over an account i would really love to have an account in this world

My timing is from 9 to 22 st (on and off)

Experience: welll i have played some very good accounts and have handled many multi million (links available)

I just want to join this world so i can have some Fun with some big wars :icon_twisted:

You dont have to worry about things like T TRAIN or Sniping i can handle it easily

if you wanna contact me please add me on skype

Skype: Twisaddicted


twisaddicted, ddanmar and tw000, using three different forum names asking for the same thing
You've not fooled anyone, you're either trying to conceal your identity [though a little heads up, doing several similar posts of different accounts will always arouse suspicion] or you've got an attention span the size of a Goldfish, neither being strong selling points, wouldn't you agree?
Hope that's clarified it for you tribalwars000/Lemoncrusher/twisaddicted/tribalwars_/*whatever other skype persona/identity you create after this revealing post*.