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I'm Willpower from Hungary (Central Europe) and as the title says I'm looking for an Australian or an American co-player who could cover my missing hours mostly for the up and coming HP server (and I'm looking for someone -can be the same person or different one- for the Hungarian server, but unforunately there is night bonus so this is not that important, just a side note). I'm mostly looking for someone who can cover the 23:00-11:00 ST shift.
I've been playing this game for 9-10 years on and off yet I'm just a mediocore player, at least I know the basics and I'm really active.
It is going to be a no flag server with only the 3 main premium function (pa, am, la) so my 10000 pp would do it for the server (so we don't need to farm flags and we cant buy resources either).

PM me if you interested in and feel free to ask me about anything that I missed to mention above.
I'm available here, on w102, on skype (lol.willpower), on discord (WILLPOWER#5956).

PS: Right know I'm open to taking over an account or playing as a co on older worlds.
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