Looking for Co-Players / new owners

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W47 Top 20 Account.

I need some-one who is experienced in running a highly ranked account in this early/midd game stage as I don't have much time to teach.

Mail me with background info, active times and skype name if interested.


Looking for a Co-Player for world 24, I request that you are from a time zone a bit different from Eastern, but if not its fine...
Residents Permit Only

For this account, I need someone good at organizing and you must have some good amount of humor. I do not enjoy giving directions ... and we have around a solid 500 nobles to use, so you better be geared up!!

Do mail me your skype name, and we can move from there. If you dont like that extra work (like me) add me directly labeled coplayer:

I hope for many applications....and I love to make new friends!



I'm looking for a co-player on world 18. Top 50 account (points), Top 40 ODA.
I need someone with previous TW experience:
-Send sub-second trains
-Script knowledge
-Skype is a must

Only serious people please. Don't offer to co-play if you can only do it for 2 weeks.

PM me here if you're interested.


Looking for coplayer w25

Account: http://www.twstats.com/en25/index.php?page=player&id=2654359&utm_source=en&utm_medium=player&utm_campaign=dsref

Top 3 tribe.

Skype is a MUST: contact me, my skype name is ninmage621, with a skype message saying: interested in coplaying

Skills required:
-send <700 ms noble trains consistently
-don't need to farm since barbs don't grow in w25
-willing to learn/cooperate if don't have these skills
-stay ACTIVE

Hours needed are anywhere from 05:00 server time to 20:00 server time (so looking for a European, Australian, or Asian or if you're able to meet these hours).
Still looking, please add me on skype if interested.


Hello, I am looking to coplay. I don't have a specific world, or any specific amount of points. I do however have one request. If you are from one of the new worlds, have at least a noble. Or have 2 villages. (W48-49)

I can Backtime, Snipe, can send <700mms trains.

I am very diplomatic. I also like to plan out all my attacks and everything beforehand.

I don't mind if you don't pull your own weight, I like to play anyway.

You must have Skype.

I can play basically all day, except on certain weekends. I will work my schedule around yours.

Ways of contacting me :

Skype name : SlyLps

You can also send me a mail via TW forums. (I prefer this way, for I am on TW forums more than I am on Skype.)

About me :

I like to do diplomacy, but don't mind not doing it. I am very easy to get along with. I don't mind if you don't pull your own weight, I like to play the game anyway. I believe that if ANY offense is made towards me, the player should be taken out switfly, as I do not tolerate it. Unless he/she is a fellow tribemate.

Thanks for your time, and I look forward to any mails. :)
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Ok people, i have a W9 account that obviously needs a new owner.
10 mil great tribe, not spread out, under HEAVY CONSTANT ATTACK
I will not try to hide the fact it is under heavy attack, the last owner couldnt handle it, so now i am looking for a new owner.

Please message me on simonjmoore92 so i can set up an interview of sorts.


Hello members of .net!:icon_razz:

Im looking for an account, a decent one :icon_rolleyes:.

I have a hell of a lot of exp. I can snipe :nobleman:, send millisecond trains :axemen: and i am very active :lightcavalry:. I use scripts :ram:, customized village builds :scout: and I am a good leader. :swordsman:

My skype; GoonerLad2 :heavycavalry:

Many regards; Dom


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Hello Folks :)

Im currently not playing TW anymore, but i really want to get back into it.

  • 200ms Trains
    Use Scripts
    Had 7 million account in W11, highest rank was 6th

  • Top 50 account
    High OD
    Top Tribe
    Older world, 1 - 35.

Skype - wilhelmsson.braddaz

Speak to me on skype as i dont check my forum account.


Looking for a co-player for W20,http://triburile.ro

Tribe details:

  • World: 20

  • Rank: 8

  • OD Rank: 2

Account details:

  • OD Rank: 70

Applicants requirements:

  • Be able to send 500ms trains.
  • Be able to snipe 500ms trains.
  • Farm several times a day.
  • Use a wide variety of Scripts.
  • Be reliable.
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Looking for a co-player to start a new world with me. I have played TW in sporadic bursts since W4 and admittedly I was young then and quite, well simply put thick or at least in relation to TW :)

I am loking for a co-player who would be interested in mentoring me a bit as we go along, showing me the tricks of the trade. I believe I have everything else to offer tough, great communication and activity not to mention willingness to learn.

I prefer to play very aggressively which requires a very high level of activity to ensure you don't lose everything in an attack you don't dodge if you're offline. And unfortunately I have to sleep sometime and at the other end of the spectrum weekends are just asking for me to party damn hard ;)

Hit me up on on my e-mail: eoinfarrelly@live.com if you're interested :)

Edit: Silly me forgot my times, GMT. I try to get on at least at 8:00-8:30, 16:00-17:00 and 21:00-23:00 to stack queues, farm and spend resources before I next log on :)
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Looking for a co-player for W 50 / W 51. Played TW since W2, was not that old, and I have learned a lot from the time I've played.

Please add me on skype or send me a message on the forums for further talk.

Skype name : xrandombody

The co-player must be able to play from 24:00-07:00(possible to 14-15 as well)


looking for a co-oplayer for my W46 account:rookdoc and my W49 account:HUSH1994,i pay for PA and i have 140k points,im TWAA,i need a player which is online when im sleeping and im in school,he needs to be able to:
send 500 trains and snipe them
be polite and reliable,i have a decent ODA and ODD,u can check TW stats,contact me on skype:HUSH1994,forum(not online daily)or facebook(most preferred).



Ok, so a few days ago, i wrote this;

Hello members of .net!:icon_razz:

Im looking for an account, a decent one :icon_rolleyes:.

I have a hell of a lot of exp. I can snipe :nobleman:, send millisecond trains :axemen: and i am very active :lightcavalry:. I use scripts :ram:, customized village builds :scout: and I am a good leader. :swordsman:

My skype; GoonerLad2 :heavycavalry:

Many regards; Dom

Quite a good feedback occurred, but now im back.

The Plan;

We will have 4 people on one account. 2 English, and American, and an Aussie/Asian. (No Yuvin's allowed :3)

So basically;
(all times are server time)

- Can snipe a 500ms train
- Can send a 500ms train
- Understands the in's and out's of TW
- Very active
- Knowledge of scripts and how to use them
- And finally, not scared of a little competition or when things get rough.

If interested, add me on skype; Goonerlad2

Many regards, Dom <3


Looking for Co-Player for World 43


Looking for a co-player on my world 43 account. It is a top 50 account and I am an aggressive player (meaning more offense than defense and almost always at war). Prefer someone that is experienced but willing to help teach someone that is eager to learn as well. What is important is your ability to be active and willing to work together for a common goal. I am paying for premium and have access to any script you may need. Just being held back right now because of work commitments.

message me, or hit me on skype if you wanna talk about it....skype name is twassasin


Two accounts available in Skittl World 47. Message me in interested and more information will be provided.

Edit: Accounts no longer available.
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Looking for players and co-players for top rank tribe and multi-million point accounts. These are excellent accounts, in top shape, just need an active player and/or co-players.

Must have experience with large accounts and able to do all the typical things.

Skype and good communication with the tribe is needed.

We are known for being an aggressive tribe, so if you dont love ODA we may not be the right fit.

Please mail me your qualifications and include your skype name and I will get back to you.


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Hey .net!!

I am looking for a coplayer for w50.
I am in a good premade, which is joining w50 for sure as it's 2x speed.

I can snipe, backtime, send trains, and am very expierienced. I am looking for the same in a co.
If you can pay for premium, that's great as well.

Skype me: JakeX19, but won't be on for a day or two as it's broken.
PM me here.


talha the wise

I need a co-player for World 50 (or 51 depending on the speed of the world I will go for the faster one).

I need him/her to be online between 16:00 - 4:00 server time.Those who meet the following requirements PM me .

*Must farm on regular basis.
*Must not be a point Whore.
*Must know how to send 50ms trains.
*Must know how to snipe.
*Must be a team player and willing to help other.

Those who can be online at the time stated above but do not acquire the experience

Still looking :)

Kristina Fireguard

I am looking for a co-player for world 50. I will need him/her to be online between 05:00 - 15:00 server time.

*Must farm emphatically, methodically, and intelligently.
*Must value troops above points.
*Must value offense above defense, but at the same time not neglect defense.
*Must be willing to be my co-player in spite of the fact I don't know how to snipe.
*Must be willing to be my equal, and not make any decision that would affect the account without getting my input, except in emergencies.
*Must have honor and follow all of TWs and the chosen tribe's rules.
*Must agree with my belief that expansion is all, and expand by nobling the closest village, regardless of whether it's a barb or very small.
*Must be willing to noble far away in times of war.
*Must be cunning, diplomatic, and fierce.

If you don't meet any of the above, please don't pm me. If you think you meet most of them, and can manage to learn to meet the rest, I would be willing to hear you. If I can not understand your pm, I won't bother to reply. Perfect English, please.

Edit: The name of the account to be co-played is D4RK F1R3.
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