Looking for Ex-NBG players


I used to play this world a while back and then had to leave due to RL reasons.
Currently i play w55 with a different alias and one my friends quit and gave me his account.
I had soo much fun playing with NBG and i was wondering if anyone from NBG could join me over there.
Its a 130k account in a top 10 tribe.. plz pm me to know the further details :lol:

If it is anyone of cafrat, gillotine, myersd2, nightmareassassin, mercutioleonhart,pansenx or phoenix knight.. i wud be even happier :lol:

Anyone else interested can also put a private message.,



Anyone interested ? Any good players ? Not necessarily NBG

130K points
3 noble trains
lots of D
and a top 5 tribe.!

Thanks. :)