Looking for Experimental Profile pictures


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As the title says, i like to have a collection of Profile Pics, so whoever is talented, creative and bored enough to make my day, go for it, this topic will stay open forever :D

Style: Dark ( but do whatever you feel like ) It's free of choice, but if you want to know interests, well it's : Tigers, Bears, Orca's, Samurai, Hot Women, Knights, Midieval Landscapes, Dogs ( pitbulls, staffords, german shepard, rotweiler )
Size: 270x180px
Render/Stock: Feel Free to do what you like
Text: Staceroo
Font: Free of choice
Color Tone: Darkish :)
Misc: this is experimental and out of curiosity so there won't be a reward for now, but for the insane ones there can always be an arrangement to be made :)

Thanks for your time, i am curious to see what comes out of this.