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huggill... i am bak

hello, i am writting this to see if there are any expiernced players or just active players that have recently been nobled and are now on the rim and would like to form a tribe or join 1.

i use to play this world about 4 months ago and i was then nobled by TGoW. when my tribe and TGoW. went to war, i came back about 1 month ago with some friends from the tribe EXP (the tribe that lost the war) and we decided to set up a tribe called BM named after a tribe we made in world 37, we were not succesful in world 37, as i was there leader (and i dont mean to sound big headed) but we were doing allryt until i left to join world 38 and well the tribe merged then dispanded and they are now scattered all over the place. i then went back to world 37 and re-recuirted some of my friends and told them to come and play in world 30, about 5 or so did come over but we now only have about 25 members in the tribe and well as you can guess inactivity is taking its course and we are gradually losing some members, of course we are internalling the ones that go red. but we cant internal everybody.

i would like any1 who is interested in joining Black Mist to mail me in game or to write back here, we are located in k3, but that doesnt matter if your not in k3 as if you want you can restart in centre of tribe and i will help you get going from there :)

many thanks huggill

Duke Of BM on world 30 and Loyal Member To Nubs in world 38 :icon_biggrin:

P.S sorry if i have wasted some of your time by you reading this.