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Hello, my in game name in world43 is PrimeAbuse and i am looking for good, mature community, tribe with strong leadership.

1. First let me tell you why i will be valuable member of your tribe;
I am very active player 30 years old IRL with strong presence on K67. I am among top 5 players in K67 with strong military force. I have good friend relationship with all my neighbors, i support them many times. I never ask for any help (read i am not whiner). I am active in tribal forums and wake up most of day, i love to spread good vibrations and humor. In war i never kill any one or noble him without good reason; i always ask are u active player and even if he is 100 times weaker than me i do not steal his village. My every village is earn fair in war or from game-left tribe mate.

2. Why do i want to change my tribe?
First of all I AM NOT UNDER ATTACK OR ANY THREAT! I leave my tribe in good faith and i hope i will stay in good relations, i consider some of them friends. BUT!
E-cats, tribe where i am now have serious leadership problem. On every 2 weeks we have possible civil war bcs some of two tribemates in guild want to be tribe leader. I do not want to be part of this mess, i do not need this kinda shits.
So i am looking for more mature guild, community and leadership. One more thing, i NEVER changed tribe before i was always in same tribe but tribe change name 3 times. And i am sick of it...

3. What can u get from me?
Well first of all u have nothing to lose. I am not whiner i will not ask for any help or gonna put u in position to defend me. I just want active tribe forum and leadership who know what they do. I want future in this game, tribe who look one year ahead.
Trough me, if i can bring few more friends with me u can get strong military presence in K67. If i die in meantime, no matter.

Like i said, all respect for my present tribe E-cats i love you guys but this is simply not working. I know u know i am right.

If u are interested for my proposal, consider this thread like aplication and leave me some short info about your guild here, leave me in game contact or mail me in game, my in game name is PrimeAbuse.

Thank u in advance.
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