Looking for people to join my tribe in K23


The Wolves
Neil Owen Tupling

The wolf, it watches. The wolf, it waits.
The wolf decides to seize the day.

It calls to others who walk the land,
Seeking a place in a common band.

The hunt is on; the prey will fall.
The newest member, the pack will call.

It joins the hunt and makes the kill.
The inaugural feast is quite a thrill.

The meal is finished before too long
And at the end they join in song.

The neighboring packs observe this night
In hopes that they too will catch prey in flight.

To share the spoils across the lands,
The wolves team up in common bands.

We are a tribe that take care of their own.
Like a wolves we are bonded by loyally to one another.
I am a new tribe but willing to fight with any of my mates to help them.


i am looking for people looking to join my tribe so i can reject them~:icon_razz::icon_twisted: