Looking for people to take over accounts - W5


Hey, right now we need people to take over or coplay W5 accounts. We have some small and some big accounts, more details will come later on them.

You should have past experience or be willing to learn.

Right now we are in a end game war, and we are kicking ass, almost 6k caps up.

If you are interested in winning a world message me in PM or add my skype - zachary.2.gh0st


i am willing to take a account, but i would like to know exactly what you would expect me to do. I can noble and such but farming is a little much with that many vills


No one farms anymore, unless you count farming VVV villages :lol:

Add my skype we can talk there

King Rassclart

I'm exicted about this waited for the chance to get back into world 5, I am orginally a VVV player but after Kat left to be with beth and kat use to live about 3 roads up in northampton he showed me the way but jezuzhas caught my attention and I'd have fun playing against some old vvv players to see who come on the most.

I'd prefer ownership of a account as I have a very high activity rate
Added you on skype: KingRassclart

Queen BeverLy

I loved war, I hope I can have one of the account

add me qb

queen.beverly - skype ID



shhh sharkboy dont let everyone know :lol:

@Queen BeverLy i added you ;)


if your still looking, I can take one on.
A little bored waiting for w65 to start.

skype: hughfj08
(im not original when it comes to usernames) :p