Looking For W57 Co


Hey guys. Reason I come to W24 is I played here for quite some time, under mdm18, so I know and trust most of you.

I'm trying to find another player to help me out in W57. Here's a quick summary of the account:

Rank: 65
Username: Suter x 20
Tribe Rank: 2
Tribe Name: RAoV
Location: Great location for expansion.
Farming: Currently using TWFR
Premium: I buy premium on a weekly basis.
Skype: preds.mdm

I'm looking for someone to fill in between 04:00 - 14:00 ST. I usually post instructions in the village note books or on skype. Mainly, your duties would just be to farm, watch for attacks, extend troop queues and farm some more!

I'm pretty open minded to altering builds if you're completely unfamiliar with mine and I do not get all antsy should you make a suggestion about the account. :)

Let me know on the forums, PM, or skype (preds.mdm)

Thanks guys!


Account Sit

I will do it, my w57 name is tomnolan.