Looking to Co Play

Day I Return

Hey, nice to be back (maybe)
I'm looking to get onto an account to have a run around.

Last world I played was W69 with the Grumpy Cats (PFF - http://www.twstats.com/en69/index.php?page=tribe&id=3557) The best group of people I've ever met on this game. Unfortunately that was the world where we all retired. I, non-surprisingly, have been dragged back to TW and am looking to get in on the no hauls action.

My hours are pretty flexible. Anywhere between 00:00 and 16:00.

I can do all the basics and am easy to get along with, like a bit of banter and am active.

W69 acc - http://www.twstats.com/en69/index.php?page=player&id=10055507

Please get in contact via PM or Skype: dayireturn


Edit: ooh i also have heaps of premium left over. Let me buy you.
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