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Looking to Coplay

I have been playing TW for more than 8/9 years. In those years i have played on french, brazilian, portuguese and masters servers, and win about 5-6 worlds. Right now, im looking for an account to play in this server, ideally on a warzone, playing on a tribe with quality and good communication, but i accept anything ;). I kinda prefer "recent" worlds. Able to Back-timing, sniping, defending, mass atacking, (...). Europe time zone, and currently on vacations. Share pp costs. If you interested pm me to share skype contact and past worlds stats. Have a good day ;)
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If you still want to play,i have a free account that i do not play anymore cause got another,and afraid to get banned for using two accounts,so i can give it to you,Villa is with 2k points. on 94 world