Looking to Coplay


Hey w56,

I am looking to co-play an w56 account(I can also take over accounts if you do not want to play)

I reached rank 1 on w54 with a group of my friends before ultimately quitting when I ran out of time.

Josheb W54


P.S. Forum mods, I have not been on the forums for a long time, so if you can please move this to the right section that would be appreciated.


No it isn't. It sucks you in and never lets you go! Leave! Leave now while you still can!


Seems Odd, That you were ranked one at some point and qiut, But instead of your tribe mates getting your villages. |RAW| took a great many of your villages.

Is that the way you play? Noble barbs and in actives to get a high rank until your ready to quit when instead of handing your account to your tribe or letting them noble it. An enemy gets all the benefits. That enemy now Being rank one, Whilst your former tribe is Rank 2 and losing to the reformed |RAW|.

Good luck trying to get a Tribe to take you in after looking at your stats.


I quit before I lost villas, the acc was being run by jason. But he was in the hospital from a car accident. RAW then starts attacking the acc. When TW found out they blocked attacks for a couple days but then they removed the protection.