Looking to get back in the game

sean the grand

I have been playing Tribal wars for about 2 and a half years now! it all started on world 13.

I have played 3 accounts on world 13. One is still running today! Scoundrel.

I would love to co-play or take over an account. I would like it to be a pretty big account as well, maybe 15+ million? I am very experienced so i can handle the amount of village very easily!

Thanks, Sean


Considering 15 million does scratch the surface of most active accounts left, sounds like he hasn't been around for quite some time.

Shadryk 01

Still Going Strong
I was just wondering if he was the owner of the account when we attacked it. If so, I would be somewhat surprised to want to reenter the game. Please don't ask me to elaborate.

We're not going to have an account handed to somebody that applies on this forum. We start with personal references form current tribemates. There was a time when our background checks were lax. We paid a heavy price by bringing in players unfit for our style of play.
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I'm sure this is not the proper place but I just want to say man to I miss this game and congrats to everyone in INSO it looks like you have been very busy taking over the world. :)


not sure the guys in INSO would want me back I got bored with the game and rather than pass my account I just quit logging in and I had every intention of coming back but I let it go for too long and my account was deleted aside from that this world is basically done unless INSO starts fighting each other.


all in inso iger to take this world and
close it whith a WIN......;}