Sweet Deception

Look clockwerk *picks Sylla*
Look Sf *picks dazzle*

you dont even have to think, you just do it


Part of the Furniture
I shall name guys that none of you probably know, the list is loooong though. I'll put current worlds/where I met em

1. I like:
gord (w49 co-player, w58), pvtJ (w53, w57 guy), tilly (w57, w58), mabaan (w57), dta (speed and former w57 co-player), brittany (w56), twistedshadow (speed), gunny (w53, 57, 58), both eyeing players (w57), hakan (w49, 58), Upbeatz (w56, 57), slair (w57), zirak (no current world), HKL (w57), mattylanee (w49, 58), steveo (no world, but maybe 58 soon), mikestuntz (w27, 53), the.priest (w53), the ORIGINAL dcfc guy (not invalid user), all Wildy Kid co-players (w53), Magniffico (not sure, he's gone for a bit), Tenshi (w53), the V-tec guys (w53), partyanimal (w53), desertsage (w53) and finally N-vs-P (w52)
I could name many w9 guys but I can't be bothered.
I named recent worlds
Life story.


Nah not really, that was only a few months.
BUT I might give you a life story if you all behave ;]