Love/Rebels/SHAG Explanation?


Can someone explain what happened with Love and Shag? Heard some rumours flying about but would be nice to get the actual facts behind their current situation


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I am sure there will be some different opinions here but Ill share my side.

we had a moral problem in Love. This moral was cause by our lovely shag and the fact that he write rules like a modern day hitler, and then doesnt follow them. I.e Says you need to share an internal if someone quits, yet gladly nobles out one and a half players himself.

anyways. I was keeping this revolution at bay and when I brought it up, I was told "if they dont like it they can leave" and then as wakeling is offline shag is back at making enemies and basically made everything seem to be my fault and shoved me over to the rebellion side.

But honestly, I think we all know problems seem to follow shag. His way or the high way, well we took the high way.


What happened with Love and Shag, well, Shag was set to a leadership problem. The problem should be self-explanatory.


Haha other people and i said in other posts not to have shag lead a tribe. Hes power hungry and only cares about himself!!!

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He was even classy enough to go and start harassing me on my youtube channel.

For an old man, he sure does act like a child.


Lol been waiting for this thread, I don't even know him and I knew he'd do himself over


My turn I guess Its time to "Get the fact straight" because I need my boots on to wade through all of Marshyy's bullshit...

Fact One

Originally Love was Reunion (Ten) our first skirmish was with the Who Tribe Leadership in who was questionable at best as I was told by Lady the former Baroness while Impact was duke and Iam was a baron after a week of fighting and being infiltrated by spies an the common drama that goes on who wished to set diplo with us and it was a long drawn out debate that lasted about a week and terms weren't met back and forth (you get the picture) Finally Lady being sick of it and having issues with personal life she asked if I would consider a merge...In hind sight we should have just kept beating your asses but the decision was made to merge.....Lady took the Duke Job along with Danny and I she had the cad tribe but had left the game and never returned...She being the only member agreed on to be on council infuriated Impact and Iam and have since been plotting and waiting for the time to do their big coup....
Anyway for the past week or so they have been mailing and getting all those together that wish to jump this, that and the other all the while....Issues suddenly come up about internals and wanting to rid the tribe of dead weight in the middle of war which I opposed of course...This not being the popular decision with the said jumpers was the first in a long line of complaints about rules in the tribe and felt like the leadership was out of place by enforcing rules that were in place before they ever joined, no barb nobbling is a common rule in tribes and farms ofc and respecting border agreements we have with diplomatic relationships. a given right??? We asked to let us know on some barbs for building churches in new fronts....Got the tears over that let me tell you, and the ennobblement of barbs on the other side of the world behind an established diplo deal was just crazy dumb....
Coordinates: 563|327
Points: 259
Player: Marshyyy

Coordinates: 565|327
Points: 454
Player: Impact

Coordinates: 564|336
Points: 875
Player: NakedDude

Coordinates: 560|329
Points: 685
Player: Goreloff

After a fair amount of heckling on skype and the embarrassment of it all brought the onslaught of crap......Marshyy apparently acting as the mediator or go between was nothing but a drama queen in drag and stirred it up as much as he could....Finally coming to me on skype where this was said....

[3/24/2017 4:36:00 PM] Brent-(Marshyyy): Shag, Moral is really low in the tribe because of the dead weight. In my opinion (other counsel members agree) we need to start organizing internals for players.

With your permission I would like to start this. I would contact local members around the internalled player and make sure it will be as clean and fast as possible.

However, I would not kick a player without passing it by you first.

Is this something we can do and work on?

[3/24/2017 6:06:02 PM] Shagan888 (TW): I want dream handled first

[3/24/2017 6:10:38 PM] Brent-(Marshyyy): Dream is gonna take months though
[3/24/2017 6:14:29 PM] Shagan888 (TW): well I'm not going to allow players to kill and waste nobles on internals during war time its just not gonna happen

[3/26/2017 11:31:57 PM] Brent-(Marshyyy): No. Im tired of this man. the tribes falling apart internally and iv been trying to relay that message
[3/26/2017 11:32:07 PM] Brent-(Marshyyy): these guys are here to have fun but cant take a shit without being told its okay

[3/26/2017 11:32:19 PM] Shagan888 (TW): i said after the op all your wishes would come true

[3/26/2017 11:32:22 PM] Brent-(Marshyyy): Iv been trying to show you this but man I cant get it through

[3/26/2017 11:32:27 PM] Shagan888 (TW): you just have to be wait
[3/26/2017 11:32:45 PM] Shagan888 (TW): you can go ask Justin right now
[3/26/2017 11:32:55 PM] Shagan888 (TW): ive said whats gonna happen go ask him

[3/26/2017 11:33:14 PM] Brent-(Marshyyy): Okay, thats fine, But my statement stands. Sorry
[3/26/2017 11:33:29 PM] Brent-(Marshyyy): Im all for helping the tribe but my place I dont feel is to be a counsil members

[3/26/2017 11:33:48 PM] Shagan888 (TW): i think you have other plans
[3/26/2017 11:33:54 PM] Shagan888 (TW): so might as well do it

[3/26/2017 11:34:47 PM] Brent-(Marshyyy): I have no plans man, Iv been playing both sides of this and trying to get their message heard

[3/26/2017 11:34:53 PM] Shagan888 (TW): slave talk and all come on man that's unneeded drama

[3/26/2017 11:35:14 PM] Brent-(Marshyyy): and yes, we got it now... cool but still. we shouldnt all be smited for stuff that is completely minor
[3/26/2017 11:35:23 PM] Brent-(Marshyyy): yeah seriously... people feel like this is a job

[3/26/2017 11:35:27 PM] Shagan888 (TW): its not minor tho
[3/26/2017 11:35:49 PM] Shagan888 (TW): ive still yet to finish the talks with hi ho

[3/26/2017 11:35:55 PM] Brent-(Marshyyy): thats your opinion

[3/26/2017 11:35:57 PM] Shagan888 (TW): he hasn't been back yet
[3/26/2017 11:36:10 PM] Shagan888 (TW): its not opinion its fact

[3/26/2017 11:36:17 PM] Brent-(Marshyyy): no, it is 100% opinion

[3/26/2017 11:36:25 PM] Shagan888 (TW): he is pissed and we broke the agreement

[3/26/2017 11:36:33 PM] Brent-(Marshyyy): just like its my and others opinion that a border agreement with hi-ho isnt smart

[3/26/2017 11:36:48 PM] Shagan888 (TW): I'm left with my meat in my hand saying damn i have no idea whats goin on

[3/26/2017 11:37:00 PM] Brent-(Marshyyy): We sent them 6 days ago

[3/26/2017 11:37:16 PM] Shagan888 (TW): ive been in talks with hi ho for two weeks

[3/26/2017 11:37:28 PM] Brent-(Marshyyy): and we have leverage over hi-ho with dream because they would attack dream either way

[3/26/2017 11:37:38 PM] Shagan888 (TW): no

[3/26/2017 11:37:44 PM] Brent-(Marshyyy): a border agreement benefits them, not us
[3/26/2017 11:38:18 PM] Brent-(Marshyyy): and think about that in the long run
[3/26/2017 11:38:45 PM] Brent-(Marshyyy): it still all comes down to us fighting them. Its not like out little colony will spread like wild fire

[3/26/2017 11:39:08 PM] Shagan888 (TW): they will help to establish ground on too
[3/26/2017 11:39:13 PM] Shagan888 (TW): its all set up

[3/26/2017 11:39:41 PM] Shagan888 (TW): you all need to trust me on diplo ive been doing it for yrs

[3/26/2017 11:40:10 PM] Brent-(Marshyyy): man...
[3/26/2017 11:40:58 PM] Brent-(Marshyyy): theres nothing that I can say to get anything to you... it is what it is. Im not going to do some stupid ass revolution or anything like that.
[3/26/2017 11:41:00 PM] Brent-(Marshyyy): dw

[3/26/2017 11:41:11 PM] Shagan888 (TW): trust me brent when this is all said an done you gonna say i was right whether you think it now or not

[3/26/2017 11:41:39 PM] Brent-(Marshyyy): Yes, but theres also multiple ways to go about things and some more efficiant than others

[3/26/2017 11:42:15 PM] Shagan888 (TW): i wish you had more faith in me

[3/26/2017 11:42:34 PM] Brent-(Marshyyy): Man, iv been trying and trying but like I said earlier... you gotta feed the sharks

[3/26/2017 11:42:37 PM] Shagan888 (TW): its kinda disappointing to me for as hard as i work on all this
[3/26/2017 11:42:42 PM] Shagan888 (TW): we are number 2

[3/26/2017 11:42:46 PM] Brent-(Marshyyy): you cant just elave everyone in the dark and expect them to blind follow

[3/26/2017 11:43:02 PM] Shagan888 (TW): i guesss if we were number 12 everyone would hate me

[3/26/2017 11:43:03 PM] Brent-(Marshyyy): I understand you work hard and I appreciate that... but ^

[3/26/2017 11:43:31 PM] Shagan888 (TW): you want me to be more open about things
[3/26/2017 11:43:35 PM] Shagan888 (TW): i get it
[3/26/2017 11:43:46 PM] Shagan888 (TW): but some stuff just has to be on faith

[3/26/2017 11:44:20 PM] Brent-(Marshyyy): and you have to have a little faith in me... like when I am telling you, you are borderline revolution
[3/26/2017 11:44:36 PM] Brent-(Marshyyy): and I get the response "If they dont like it, they can leave"
[3/26/2017 11:44:50 PM] Brent-(Marshyyy): I see both sides, I do. but I just cant help both dies
[3/26/2017 11:44:52 PM] Brent-(Marshyyy): sides*

[3/26/2017 11:44:56 PM] Shagan888 (TW): brent i wanted you on the council for your talents nothing more
[3/26/2017 11:45:15 PM] Brent-(Marshyyy): yeah but man, after all this... I dont think I am cut out for it

[3/26/2017 11:45:44 PM] Shagan888 (TW): no you are you just need to help me with the big picture

[3/26/2017 11:46:02 PM] Brent-(Marshyyy): I believe you guys can lead a tribe but without the members, theres nothing to lead. and thats what I was trying to get across.

That is my big picture...
[3/26/2017 11:46:42 PM] Shagan888 (TW): if you all want to branch off i cant stop you and feel you all are anyways

[3/26/2017 11:46:54 PM] Brent-(Marshyyy): I am trying to stop it
[3/26/2017 11:46:56 PM] Brent-(Marshyyy): I am

[3/26/2017 11:46:56 PM] Shagan888 (TW): so whats the point
[3/26/2017 11:47:39 PM] Brent-(Marshyyy): becuase man... its not a lost cause.
Sometimes ya have to tend to the civilians.. even if you dont agree with demands
[3/26/2017 11:47:52 PM] Brent-(Marshyyy): because without the civilians, theres no society.. or in our case tribe

[3/26/2017 11:48:12 PM] Shagan888 (TW): i plan to meet the demands

Tribe wide OP planned on Dream set for April Fools Day and everyone was ordered to claim one, no one was to be excluded ordered by Danny Wakeling....It was like the sky was falling, the pure distaste of having to actually fight something that fights back eluded their minds or something....Those barbs and internals were more import....
So the dictator comments an Hitler references where misguided, yes we have rules in our tribe god forbid....
This was apparently the last straw imo and was behind the curtains doing deals with dream

Dreams Leader speaks
[9:19:40 PM] Shagan888 (TW): So honestly now since it don't matter
[9:20:11 PM] Shagan888 (TW): the jumpers from our tribe was in all along with you all

[9:20:57 PM] Shagan888 (TW): Pekka (Goreloff) added Greg | Goreloff W92 - Dark.Raven W91, Austin
Took a while but I tore your tribe apart :)

[9:21:13 PM] Shagan888 (TW): this is a direct question to this

[9:23:51 PM] Austin: The truth about me is that I work for the DoD, I participate in overseas Psychological Operations, generally to make people like uncle sam, this gives me a very unfair advantage at putting thoughts into someone's head. I informed several of your players that their only option was to 'merge' into Dream. I let the thought ferment, before mentioning that they could just make their own tribe and bail on you. Now, because they felt like they had choices, they immiediately took the latter and made their own tribe. Granted, this was what I expected all along. It isn't easy to get people to merge into you, no one ever wants to merge into someone. But it's very easy to get them to consider the option of leading a tribe themselves. Something to keep in mind in the next world.

[9:27:40 PM] Shagan888 (TW): Wow I do all that and I don't work for the DoD should give me a recommendation maybe huh? I assumed is was going on for some time and none of this was a surprise to me in the least.....Call it gut feeling

On a side note,
One comment was true I did take some internals but in my defense as is with most council the long hrs spent on working on tribal matters day in and day out your account suffers for it so payment is paid in the way of internals from time to time for those deserving.....

Thats the most of it, have plenty more mails an Skype to show but at this point why bother but I shouldn't have been raked over the coals because of it....

Cheers TW Im done,

-And the crowd of haters goes wild.....
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Wow shag, you sure do like to pull those conversations that work in your "favor". But I'm sure everyone can agree you are just trying to worm your way out of the gaping hole you dug. Not only that, we all know Cad tribes don't work (sorry most w92 tribes no offense) but our guys wanted that cad tribe gone like you promised... weeks ago.

What shag leaves out here is that he mass recruited them just to use their nukes on dream and kick them all. I personally believe my idea was more human (yes, sadly).

I told you what the members wanted. Clearly I wasn't wrong because 20of the best guys up and jumped the next day. You act like I was behind all of this... seriously?? Ask around... I'm sure you will find a lot of people (including the rebels) that had me constantly saying "Drop the extras, kick shag, and everyone stays and is happy"

Shag, truly a master of deception.


Maybe you can make one of those videos Mushyy on how to be a disloyal member and throw in where the leave tribe button is..But most of all the how to on BS cause that would surely make a good watch...

You really didn't need to speak for them they should have maned up and used their own voices (hmmmm maybe a sequal in the making)

Keep reaching and blaming for being weak minded, Dream played you and so has others you just haven't seen yet...



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Do you know why they didn't shag?

Because you are a sociopath man! Look at yourself. You even went as far as messaging people to come after me and attacking my YouTube page just to slander my name.

A group of people decide they hate you, I try and be their voice because they don't want to deal with exactly this. Stop harassing me. There's a reason even wakeling agreed this was all your fault.

These guys are great players and you made their experience, as well as mine... horrible.
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*munches popcorn in the corner*

.. We get it, both sides are obviously going to leave information out to protect their image, but seriously, attacking someone on a social media platform beyond a game is just childish..

*Youtube is a social media platform btw..
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I have no clue about the social media stuff seriously Im an ass but im not that big of an ass come on seriously....I would like to rectify that for real cause I have no clue.....

Can you show me something on it????


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I have no clue about the social media stuff seriously Im an ass but im not that big of an ass come on seriously....I would like to rectify that for real cause I have no clue.....

Can you show me something on it????
Never said that... he's right.. he's an ass but he didn't do anything like Facebook or whatever.

Not sure if he meant this is social media??


I have no clue about the social media stuff seriously Im an ass but im not that big of an ass come on seriously....I would like to rectify that for real cause I have no clue.....

Can you show me something on it????
These guys are great players and you made their experience, as well as mine... horrible.

Lol ya thats why were number 2 in the world cause I messed with their minds...


Woohoo, I got a mention!

Why doe; You say I planned this with Impact/Justin because we didnt get council? Well, as soon as Impact mailed me saying jump ship I did, because i put up with your dictatorship for too long and let it slide, and yes I was annoyed at not getting promised council from the tribe I created Who?

Bye bro.


Yay, iAm knows shag is a dictator haha. Its happened on many many many worlds, but funny how people thought he would change for this one.

Also i find it funny shag saying about the internals and his growth get affected so he takes what hes owed with internals!! Hahahahahahahaha

Ive never seen that before, even if leaders are slow at the start doesnt mean they help them selves. They have always been spread out to the tribe. But that is a shag rule! He gets more internals because he is a leader and the rest that arent leaders dont get many or even they dont get any at all.



What he said...
My turn I guess Its time to "Get the fact straight"
What I saw...

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