Lovers or Tyrants?


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Hello World 92.

I joined this world to pass the time primarily to give me something to do while other worlds ticked over. I dont usually join the core and im usually quite an offensive player so i thought this time i would try the core and adopt a more balanced approach. Originally i joined a nice tribe 4A because i recognised some of the leaders but i eventually decided they were inactive so i ended up in a tribe called who? Everything ticked along fine at who? They seemed like an active tribe although one that didnt utilise much skype. Having gone for a defensive build in my first village i set about nobling small players/barbs in my church radius and then a far-out barb for PP farming. I talked to my neighbors in mail and responded to def requests from the leadership promptly. Then things started to get complicated for me IRL so i decided to peace out of w92 and spoke to the leadership:

So far so good. Then along came a war with Ten. The leadership of both tribes seemed a bit confused:

In less than 24hours we go from war - truce - war - truce - merge

After this farce i get asked to be sat by leadership which i complied. However for some reason the information was lost so last night i was asked to be sat again. I complied of course then today:

You have been dismissed from the tribe Lustful Lovers. Feb 28, 11:07

As follows is my conversation with the 'Duke' of Love (bottom upwards):

My favorite part is the plunders section.

Personally im pretty disappointed in the love/who/ten leadership, although its pretty impressive how they managed to turn a player who wanted to gift his villages to his tribe into one that will actively defend and fight the said tribe now.. I suppose in one way i should be grateful that im not still on that failboat. I suspect the only destination that the members of that tribe will ever reach is an iceberg as long as Shagan888 is in charge.


I feel like the warrants a longer reply, but all I can say is:

Lol, piss up and a brewery come to mind.


Questions for the TW Community:

1) Why do you continue to invite Shagan to your tribes?
2) Why do you continue to give Shagan leadership roles in tribes?
3) Are you stupid?
Pahahah totaly agree lol

Added question...

4) why would anyone ever consider doing Dip with him? Lol


I see the anti barb prejudice is still strong.


they should have just left me in charge...none of that would have happen to you...but word from my sources was your troop count was very bad and that was the reason you were let go..i would have handle it a bit different if i were in charge..i would have givenm you a bit of time to make up troop count..but that's just me...


MInty fresh i feel sorry for you because i exactly know how you feeling mate.

I need to say i dont have nothing against who? council but i was dissmised twice from that tribe.
First time Shagan888 told i'm a spy then i was kicked by idiot of coplayer of Impact account bcs he saw my name qouted next to the spy message.You see right there that boy should be local farm not on acc that is in council of #4 tribe. Then i gaved acc sitting to Impact(holder of account) he then saw i'm blocked from Shagan and had him blocked so that was impossible. Then they invited me again.

After 2 days i was dismised again bcs i assume Shagan was abusing lady Melisandre over pm annd telling her if she want a merge i need to go.

Nvmd i'm not mad on anyone anymore but with that kind of attitude and plays i think noone will be able to take Shagan seriously and respect him as a player.

As i know a lot of guys so far on this world was outplayed/kicked or backstabbed by Shagan. And funny part is that world has basically just started.

But he survives over and over again.

He seems to be untouchable. I don't understand how is that possible.

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untouchable.. lol

it's because he's not met his match


Welcome Commander,i'm actually glad to see your comment :)

Well probably i dont need to tell you anything about him as i saw you two also are not in good relathions, we all know how much shit he done so far, how dirty his play is but has he answered bcause of his acts? No.

I claim he is good connected, he can easily foolish people and he will never ever going to be kicked from Ten or Love. So i think this world is going great for him..


First we can start here Minty Bad Breathe
God I hate barblers.

Your wonderful evaluation

Bad that your wasted nobles on those 4 low point villages is my first bad impression.
nice d player odd.
need to do some fast building to make up for your shortfalls.
research needed for rams.
really pains me to see you noble these crap villages.
tribal rules clearly state no nobbling under 1000 pts.
church influence not in one village yet !!!
and totally sub par in every way but some troops in one village
7/10 rating
recommendation KICK

Now the rating was a gift but in the council its 5/10
My attempts to be nice in the evaluation was to keep bad feelings aside, but as you posted here I thought I might as well bring it to light....
Truth is your a trash player with the stats you have and I would be embarrassed to show my face in the game with these numbers....And then you wonder why I kicked you????

Bottom line is I dont care what your plans were you didnt make the cut because you sucked.....

Nice to see all the same ass trolls in here bashing me though keep up the good work god knows you cant do it in game....

First time Shagan888 told i'm a spy then i was kicked by idiot of coplayer of Impact account bcs he saw my name qouted next to the spy message.
Still living the lie I see I have proof in mails of your spying and forwarded to your duke at the time, its not my fault his elevator does not go all the way up and decided to keep you...Lmao
Today TW glorifies the workings of the spies....

Sod off the lot of you,



he nobled a 58 point barb???? wow..i would have kicked ya to..cant blame shag on this..he did the right him or hate him..shag did the right thing after seeing those noblings..facts! just my thoughts.:eek:


Thats probably the only thing i will agree with you ever. There is really no explanation for nobling 58 barb village.
Or barbs in general if its not made out of tactical reasons,to get in enemy core.

Now now Shagan didnt your mother teached you that is not nice to lie?

I guess only way for you to survive is to play as a: Manipuative,liing coward. When you feel threaten and that you are just about to get rimmed as a fool you do next. You ask for tribe to stack you,and you start using your lies and manipulative abilities.

It seems that is working for you yust fine. 90% of people would feel ashamed to win or to do any success on world like that. But you dont have problems with that and it is not a problem. Please keep living in your delusions that you are big bad player that others are feeling affraid of.

I have restarted liek 4 days ago and i already have met 3 people that don't appreciate your backstabbing acts.
So prepare your troops,start asking all around the map for stacking support because when we get more near, i hope justice will come for you. There will be a lot of blood in your villas.

With love, Rodo.
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Nice to see all the same ass trolls in here bashing me though keep up the good work god knows you cant do it in game....

I'm just not sure am i tripping bro or you really wrote this ?!

If you yust told to us that we sucks in game so we need to run our mouths i will message tw support team and inno games to give you award for best joke of this world so far! :'D

Just a few reports to make it more fun,pls dont start criing/bitching about them Shaq :*

Tribless "spy" noob (me) against big Shagan and his friends. :)

Attack #1

Attack #2

Sorry for not being on your level Shag. :)
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Is this really happening, is this real?? Did i finally heard from you that you are done with liing and telling bullshit?

Thank you God.

Yes you have the village but like i said on what way you got it?

I am also done.

# Living with it. #

Kisses for you Shaq :** :)



I thougt you are done buddy?

You accused me of spiing now you show messages of Big MJ.
I use friend acc only for forums as i have been banned for some time,not for playiing as i have mine. So i'm now confused is spy MJ or me??

Who the hell is Jacodauth and is he even important player?

THis only apporivng what we all had assume. Ten is deep down(unfortunatly and probably because of you, as i know wakeling would never do that) in spy businnes.

Shagan don't be mad i need to go to work now.
Feel free to leave your comment, i will respond you later.

With love , Rodo.
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As much as tribal wars are already confusing for some people having a church world must have fried Lady Melisamdre's circuits. So my advice for the next time Paul:




Skilled Soldier 2018
he nobled a 58 point barb???? wow..i would have kicked ya to..cant blame shag on this..he did the right him or hate him..shag did the right thing after seeing those noblings..facts! just my thoughts.:eek:
That 58 point barb is now:

a) 1k points
b) on the rim so i can sell resis for PP as per my agreement with the leadership.

If you notice the time stamps on my messages with lady i only took the barb after getting her permission.

Also i dont think that my troop counts are particularly low but hey you're welcome to come and try to take my village if you think they'll be easy caps..


Shag did you just say I can't bash in game? Lol

Your points are amazing mate, so is your oda keep up the good work, I'm growing, I don't know what's your doing! Aha

I've won a world and have done almost all there is do in the game, the only goal that eludes me is winning a world as a leader. So my mission is not the same as previous worlds. I see a world win has eluded your trophy case... And I've always started slow on most every world I've been apart of...But its not how you start the game now is it???
And just so you know Ginger I've killed more troops in this game than you will ever see in your whole carer or lifetime....Don't be stupid Ginger cause stupidity and a quarter wont get you a ride downtown on the short bus....

I'll see you soon enough,
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