Magic the (hug) Gathering


Many days ago a man, Noobs on Ice2.0 approached our slave daddy, Pain. He come to him with sweet talk and many kindness wanting to be friends. Despite having a 5 family tribe hug, he also wanted to become frands with ED!. The mindset of a true hugger.

One thing Noobs did not know, is that Pain played him before. Long, long, ago Pain was building a world win and crushing Noob on Ice tribe. Pain was just soldier boy back in those days and tell dumb leader he wants to rim Noobs on Ice for funzies. Dumb leader then decided to recruit Mr. Ice which made Pain very angry and quit very fast. Sad times. In this world, Pain see unfished food and think…I will eat now. Our humble leader houses massive IQ of over 60 point. He also now holds even more nuke than IQ point. He is offensive machine. Slave daddy NEVER run out of nuke. He is ODA whore and he been hearing magic is turtle tribe. Nothing make daddy Pain happier than crush turtle for ODA. He kill more turtle than straws! He kill more turtle than plasic! He kill more turtle than OIL SPILL!! He is master turtle killer.

*Insert slight sense of panic here*

Speaking of turtles….Mr Ice’s tribe name on that world was named turtle. How ironic. You cannot hug us. You cannot avoid us. We don’t even have a front with your tribe right now but the thought of waiting any longer to declare is too torturous. I look at the magic tribe and see no players to stop our slave master daddio. You call yourself magic? Only magic trick you can do is trick people into thinking you are elite tribe. You start premade tribe with big family. Quickly ally the Koreans and have a 5-tribe family from early game? Sad.

You complain Pain is friends with Crunsh tribe when you know you have biggest family ally hug in game? Sad.

You made many people angry with your diplo. The alliance you have created under master Pain is a result of your hugging. Pain came to this world for funzies. Your hugsies made his madsies. His madsies made him ask crunshies to bring more frands because Pain want war.

Pain hate huggers. Huggers ruin ODA stats. Nobody take Pain ODA away. ED! is no premade. Pain randomly returned from a break and invited some old friends. From a tribe of 3 we grew to what we are now. A small, robust fighting force ready to topple the master hugger. Hugs < Drugs and Pain stays high as a kite. His multiple personality disorder amplifies his IQ point. 60 IQ point for 5 personality…do the math. 60 x 5 = well over one hundred.

We are special. We are the slaviest slave boys in the world. Do us all a favor and invite the rest of your family boys to the war. The fighting begins soon. Ready up pony boys. Show us some magic.

We may not be some “elite” premade…but damn. We sure as hell are SPECIAL.

Be our long friend? Or better our SPECIAL FRIEND.


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If any of you guys haven't noticed we Kardashian's been spending our free time hanging around the short bus. I mean we're like totally peas in a pod!

ride or die.jpg

Once we got to the sisterly bonding, drinking wine and doing pain's nails, we started to get to understand them a little. It turns out we have more in common then we thought!

peepo love.jpg pepe love.png

Turns out we came here for the same reason. As a dedicated group of small friends to enjoy a little sisters. Some of us has even fought each other in the past under different tags

LV baggage.gif

However, upon turning our eyes to the west we were shocked to find a six to seven tribe family on day 1 and we thought to ourselves, what an absolute joke.

is htis really happening.jpg

Even from a girl who's dad got OJ out of jail lemme tell you....we simply cannot allow this. So I got on snap chat with a group of my closest gal pals and got them over immediately.

amara pm.PNG

While at first we were content just doing our thing alone like the strong independent women we are, its about time to do something more. While it was so funny how just a few of our members could push around a tribe bigger then us 1 on 1, without even mentioning the family members we realized something.


The time is like totally now and the location is spot on. So sit back and relax while we prove to world 107 that magic really only has power over the weak minded. Its time to pull back the curtain on the magic and expose the old, fat man behind the curtains.

Keeping up With the Kardashians and ED! Declare war on Magic

We give you 24 hours to add every single one of your family tribes to the battle before we declare on them each individually because who doesn't love stats. For the record, that's Magic, Spellz, Anger, Anger+, P.T.G, P.T.G., and Might.


Dont care about you declaring you can do whatever you want, but why send attacks, wait a few hours and then declare war?


You really want might included in the stats? Those 72 points will make a difference ;)


Hey Stew. What have you done to my Jr now. 5 minutes in a family with you guys and he quits the game...


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I dont even know how to reply to something that dumb fred, just stay quiet and send your defense to whoever your praying carries you this round.


That awkward moment he put more effort into this threat than his acc in game :rolleyes: