Rejected Make account manager more useful in speed rounds

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I, as a speed rounds player, often find myself using the account manager to better take care of my villages - speed rounds are fast and you simply cannot be everywhere at once.
However, there are a lot of problems in the account manager, as it was built for worlds and takes quite a bit of time to plan actions.

Starting from the first option of the account manager, the building manager
- Overall it is the most useful feature still, but (in very situational rounds) it can be a bit too slow. There is a round on the italian server where the resource production is too fast and you can instantly finish buildings, and for that the account manager is a bit too slow, I've found it only adds new buildings to queue basically once per minute or something like that it might be even slower, however, as it is very situational I wouldn't mind it not being fixed, but as these are possible settings and very liked settings on that server right now, the game should be able to provide us options to play the best we can as the AM is a thing.

The troop manager
- This is where my biggest problem is overall. In speeds, the troop account manager is simply too slow. While in a world i might turn the troop manager on and be assured that if i have the resources it will produce army, in speed rounds i always have the resources and it takes years to add things to queue, most of the times my queues are simply empty. I'm not quite sure if the time frequency that it has to produce troops is the same as the building manager, but buildings take longer to complete and so it doesn't feel like it is that big of a problem, however, troops are only added to queue by the account manager in a very little batch (i think 50 units on the barracks and 20 on the stable at a time) which for speed rounds is too little and makes it so the queue ends almost immediately leaving the army buildings, which are some of the most important things in speeds, stopped for a while.

If it was possible I'd like to see both these features improved - either by making it so it has a lower refresh time or on the troop manager by making it so it adds more troops at a time, I don't know, but if there is a way, it would definitely be cool to have this fixed.



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Fastening AM functionalities for speed purposes is not something we would currently consider due to technical limitations.