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For example, the generic attack booster is:
Axeman: +15% attack power
Light cavalry: +15% attack power

This makes specialized builds like sword offense or HC offense usually not ever worth it, as there's no generic attack booster to stack with.

I feel the generic attack booster should just boost all unit type's offense.

Otherwise I feel everyone is going to be using the exact same offense builds. I used to see HC offense all the time in the old days (before boosters and new paladin skill), but not anymore since the attack booster basically is telling people to only build axe+LC offense. Especially the axe+LC build is already by far the favored build on paladin worlds since paladin skills only boost axe+LC for offense too.

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so there's already boosts that increase sword and hc.

HC +20% offense for gold and +15% offense for swords.

HC is still viable on the frontlines to prevent recaps even without the boost.

and as a full time offensive unit would need massive massive boosts to compensate for the population and resource cost.

Axe+LC has always been the build for offense since the beginning of the game besides some situations with HC on the frontline and before buffs MA was not as pathetic as they are.

I do think sword being a combo off/def unit would be good, but not just through event buffs but thats another discussion.

only thing that needs boosts is mounted archers not hc+swords imo

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There is no LC boost right? Technically the attack booster is the only LC booster. That just means axemen get a super boost because they get a boost from attack booster and the axeman boost. So, theoretically the attack booster can be regarded as an LC booster but it has axeman bonus in it. And HC are already getting more boost than LC as they have +20% gold rather than LC having +15% max from the attack boost.


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We should vote yes on this.

MA are basically useless because they don't get a boost. We need to make MA relevant again.