Making your Mark

Discussion in 'World 30' started by angrychuck, Dec 12, 2010.

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    Robot is the king.:icon_cool:

    King Robot, the flip flop. It even rhymes!!!

    Just a constitutional monarch though, possesses no real power.:icon_wink:
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    unless you give him lazers!!!! ill upgrade them into him and he will lazer his mark on us all calling nukes and lazering people with no heart at all!:lol:

    his mark will be made!(had to make it on topic lol):icon_biggrin:
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    It appears this thread has to some extent gone astray but I guess it could be argued that the incessant bickering which seems to permeate this world's forum is in some sense Making a Mark. Apologies in advance if this post is a bit on the long side, I will be trying to keep it as brief as I can.

    EC - Fair point on the Hyperbolic Curve. I hope that is the case even though

    we'll not be around to say you were right, you were wrong :)

    Reaper - I enjoyed your points and it was a pleasure having some intellectual


    Making Your Mark

    I guess its is common to say that every tribe/player in some way has made their mark and will continue to make its mark on either a local or a global level. There are still some tribes who were considered food for the first 2 years on this world that exist which have proven they have longevity. MF are an ideal example of a core tribe who have managed to strive and thrive despite being apparently outgunned by the very large premades that surrounded them on nearly every side. Clever diplomacy combined with a little bit of luck in timing and a tribe can make an impressionable and long lasting mark.

    I am sure every player reading these forums had someone on this world hating their guts at some point and equally someone else singing their praises. Ain't too different I guess to every day life. People can hide behind masks in both if they so choose.


    Mostly accurate but more down to how matters unfolded than to any pre-written manual. Events conspired in a certain way to bring about a desire. As Badlapje states, after the TARDIS/DN war BD was torn. In fact I remember a poll being done where there were 4 choices and the results after every member casting their votes was roughly similar (8,7,6,5 or something close like that) for each category. That clearly meant there were huge divisions in the way many players wanted to proceed with one of the popular options being to leave the world.


    Despite not agreeing with your entire post (mainly the flaming aspect) it was a worthwhile read and at least insightful into your perspective. An apt post for an apt thread in making your mark :)

    My apologies for blocking you and yours in game, its only temporary. Didn't really want the distraction while defending the nukes. Sure we can have a chat about that again sometime :)
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    How sure can you be for that statement ? :icon_wink: I got nukes. Allways travelling :icon_cool: