Confirmed Market resource request editing hidden - mobile


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Medium Bug (gameplay slightly affected)
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Functional bug
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Go to market screen on mobile
Change tab to "Request"
Click the checkbox for 1 or more villages
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Happens always
When using the market feature "Request", on the desktop version the amount of each resource to be sent is displayed for each village checked. These amounts can also be edited.

This used to be the case also on the mobile / app version, but within the last 2 weeks the behaviour changed such that the amounts are hidden and cannot be edited. The ability to edit the resource coming in is very helpful and time-saving. I believe it is a bug since the functionality used to be there on mobile but now the mobile capability is worse than desktop.

Desktop version


Mobile version / App



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Hey @higamy

Thanks for your report. This is currently a known issue and will be resolved upcoming Monday's update. Please let us know if you're still experiencing this issue after this.

Thanks again!