Mass Attack Planner. Please?

Discussion in 'TW Stats' started by Envisionise, Jan 9, 2010.

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  1. Envisionise

    Envisionise Guest

    This is an idea for something which appears in the dreams of many of the old-world TW population.
    A suggestion for an incredibly resource/bandwidth heavy :icon_redface: mass attack planner.

    I will explain it by showing one step for each screen of it.

    1) Enter your Name. Click OK.

    2) TWStats will display a list of your villages like it does now. 3 tickboxes each which mark village as Offence, Defense or Nobles (only 1 can be ticked per village - if neither ticked, village unused). Confirm. One tickbox on top which enables spear-speed support calc for those who use sp/HC (ram and sword speed used only otherwise).

    3) Similar to 1) but here you enter your targets name . Click OK.
    4) List of his villages. 3 tickboxes each. Mark targets as to be attacked with "Ram", "Noble Target" or "Noble + support". The 2 Noble options can not be marked together, "Ram" can be combined with both. Confirm with Next or click "Add target" and repeat steps 3 and 4 for each.
    [spoil]All Ram villages get assigned one "Offence".
    All "Noble Target" villages get assigned one "Nobles". "Ram" and "Nobles" can be combined to get 1 nuke + train effect.
    All "Noble with Support" get assigned one "Nobles" and all remaining "Offence" and "Defence" villages evenly. Offence hit 1 sec before, Defence hit 1 sec after. You can add "Ram" to "Nobles + support" to villages which would require 1 extra nuke.[/spoil]

    5) On this screen you set one preferred "Launch Time Interval" eg: between 16 ST and 24 ST. This screen also asks for a Landing time.

    6) TWStats gives the results. The output would be basically the same format as it is now. Everything done in such a way so that the total launch time variation from "Launching Time Interval" is smallest. Each attack entry can be deleted by checking a tickbox and pressing Delete. Afterwards you can export the remaining entries in a BB-code format just like now.

    Last but not least. TWStats should release a small downloadable application for all of us who mis launching dates because of chatroom. That is, lets just simply say, all of us.
    You would post the exported attack plan into it and it would have automatic pop-ups 2 minutes before each launch time. The pop-up would contain all necessary info and a countdown to tell you when to exactly launch.

    Daydreaming, you will say? Perhaps. But I was the one to ask for an attack planner (done) and one to ask for an export function for it (also done) so lets not lose hope.


    PS: Especially for Morthy in the lolcatian language:

    MESIBA Guest

    Great ideas..especially the timer :D
  3. dipank

    dipank Still Going Strong

    Jul 13, 2008
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    this looks suspiciously similiar to twplus but will give it a try :D

    hey Mesiba how go things on w42 ?
  4. johnp90380

    johnp90380 Non-stop Poster

    Jun 12, 2008
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    It looks like it takes the good features from twplus, then adds some useful features.
  5. Odoakar

    Odoakar Guest

    I'm still waiting for someone to make this one, maybe then I'll start playing again
  6. Karmaeffect

    Karmaeffect Guest

  7. can you give me link to that page ....attack planer
  8. Razvantc

    Razvantc Non-stop Poster

    Jan 9, 2010
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    If you're asking for the link to the attack planer in the screen shots, I think it's just an idea of what they would like a mass attack planner to look like.
  9. would be epic
  10. I have read it, and was working on an algorithm(being hungarian algorithm only for getting minimal total time), to decrease the time gaps between each attack. Realizing that a brute force algorithm will make the time evolve by n!, it is not much use to even think about it, as if you already have 10 villages(attacking 10 villages), it gets up to a million loops(which should already be some seconds for alogrithm time)...
  11. pyker42

    pyker42 Guest

    Nice idea, SF. I hope Morthy listens.
  12. Nope he wont. I'm pretty sure he doesn't want to do the game too easy neither :icon_confused:
  13. Kurkikohtaus

    Kurkikohtaus Guest

    As nice as this would be, it doesn't solve the basic in-game problem, that is the near impossibility to actually get your attacks off at the right second so that they arrive at a village at the same time. Whether it's server lag or your own internet connection, there always seems to be a one or two second discrepancy, which reduces the game to the physical act of clicking, coupled with a lucky moment of good ping at the very second that you click.

    That's stupid.

    I think there should be an IN-GAME attack automator, where you enter the coordinates and troops and then the exact time to the second that you want them to be sent.
  14. KillerKommando

    KillerKommando Contributing Poster

    Nov 15, 2008
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    Will. Not. Happen.

    Think about older worlds, eh? You have people who send upwards of 1000 attacks. A day. If you 'automate' those attacks, you have some 10,000 attacks being sent in a single second*. Noblenukes would become literally uncounterable unless you're able to survive the onslaught of nukes before they land, as you would have absolutely no way of them being sniped with defense, as they'd all be launched on the same millisecond.

    * When I say in a single second, I do not mean they are launched simultaneously, I mean they land simultaneously.

    To me, this would further reduce the enjoyability of the game.
  15. Kurkikohtaus

    Kurkikohtaus Guest

    Your point is well made, but that doesn't solve the absurdity that a simultaneous arrival is based upon physically clicking at the right time and a good internet connection...

    Perhaps the attack coordinator could have a limit? Like 3 attacking villages at once?
  16. pyker42

    pyker42 Guest

    One of the hallmarks of this game is that attacks are only sent when you are there to actually click the button to do so. Changing this would open the door to so many things that would be great for a few people, but would completely ruin the gameplay for the majority of players. That is something Inno just won't do.

    You are stuck doing it the old fashioned way. With practice, learning to anticipate your computer's lag is quite simple. It isn't perfect, but it is what makes the game challenging. When you do it right , you know that you did it, not some computer program that could play the game entirely without your input. What would be the fun in that?