Massive Opinions


yup...cos its a my post... :)

u make ur and say i am biggest without any skill,i dont mind...
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1. Best Tribe Overall: DVADER

2. Worst Tribe: ~SANG~

3. Tribe That Has the Most Talented Members: DVADER

4. Tribe That Is Falling: WUKE

5. Tribe That Is Growing the Fastest: DVADER

6. Best Diplomacy: DVADER

7. Worst Diplomacy: WUKE

8. Most Loyal Tribe: WUKE

9. Best Tribe Not in the Top 10: PASS

10. Most Aggressive: DVADER

11. Most Cocky: Pain.Carbon (Yes, I know he's not a tribe, but look at his above post. It just screams cockiness.)

12. Biggest Hugger - [V] or DVADER

13. Refuses to Give Up Under the Most Pressure - WUKE


1. Best Overall - the stooge

2. Biggest Without Any Skill - Unsure

3. Best Technical Skill (Meaning smallest noble train, best sniper etc.) - Unsure

4. Best Leader - Jamiered/the stooge

5. Worst Leader - Unsure

6. Bravest - Anyone in [V]

7. Honest - Unsure

8. Evil/Jerk - Haseo :lol:. I iz hate you haseo!

9. Favorite Poster - Haseo. Jerks make me happy :lol:.