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Llama, old buddy, (heavy on the old),
WTF are you on about? I check in here about as often as i post on Facebook as both mediums are all about asshole opinions and trolls spouting off trying to raise a few hackles.
But hey, can't you see how your underhanded attempts at manipulating your "friends" has come back at you? Did you really think we couldn't see right through you? We could all see what you were trying to do.
I'll admit we were blind at first and actually thought we were equals and that we did plan to merge the tribes as one FTW, until slowly we began to see you had other devious ideas in mind.
So now that it hasn't gone your way, you spend your time creating this tripe? Move on, ex-amigo!


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Imagine if a covid nurse took a mythical alpacas investment advice? she'd own the hospital now...

giving 500 free PP to anyone who didn't get into the top 3 tribes, mail me. Gamestop putting my kids through college and extra large PP's to my plebs on TW
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