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DIKY? here,

I have set this message for the Tribe, as it will get picked up sooner, so you know what is going on.

It appears our account was hacked into by someone, because on Sunday the 8th of July late in the evening, we were banned with accusations that are nothing to do with my wife or I.

Currently even though we have reset our password, we still cannot enter our account, as it just shows as 'You are Banned'.

Irina and I have never even considered doing anything outside the rules, as having any kind of advantage makes the whole game pointless, and we don't have the knowledge for clever dirty tricks such as have been pulled now on us. Even if we knew tricks like these, we would never entertain using them, as it is already sad enough that we we love the game so much, never mind cheat at it too.

Please inform Noir for us.

The crazy thing is we are banned and have done nothing wrong, but are instead the victims, while the perpetrator is off scott free. It is like jailing a rape victim for being raped, and is completely crazy. Also we have credit which is being used up, and there is nothing we seem able to do about it.

The only good thing here is we cannot be attacked.

Frankly Irina now wants to quit, and I am of the same mind, as paying for treatment like this is absurd.

If we can do anything to help the situation, let us know.

Kind Regards to everyone,

Kim & Irina. :icon_cry:


Contact Noir/Justin/Dunn on skype and tell them put in a support request.

Am sure they can help and find out the reasons for your ban.

By the way, there was phishing mail in TW recently. Did you answer it ? They asked you to login with your ID and password on some other website.

That was a trick to get your credentials.

Don't quit already. Sure it can be solved. :)

Also post your issue here
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Because this was apparently a large problem, I am going to leave this locked as it has been handled/answered, and any future requests of a similar nature of what to do have the answer by TehDrunkPenguin. No point in deleting it, but I will lock it so as to avoid any further ban discussion.
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