Mid-Term report


BEST TRIBE: Manic by a mile of course.

BEST PLAYER: Warstiner... awesome player really. He runs a tribe, internals the shit out of everything in sight, finds time to run the farming bots and still has time to start wars that never should have happened.

BEST WORST DEFENDER: The internals that Warstiner is nobling.

BEST UPCOMING PLAYER: King Geldof... oh wait, he got nobled today...

BEST UPCOMING TRIBE: T-Crew... Recruit and munch.

WORST TRIBE: Fork... too much hugging.

BIGGEST TROLL: letthesunshinebaby... he is always posting trash.

BEST POSTER: Rawr... all of his posts are completely relevant.

WORST DUKE: Destabilise...absolute hugger.

BEST DUKE: Warstiner of course...!!

There ya go, clearly an unbiased opinion.
This is quite simply the best damned post I've seen on these forums for about 3 months......

(Although-We're both in FORK, so im blatantly just being biased...)

Honey Badgers

Warstiner i would put in the category of best player. It is hard to Duke a large tribe and maintain a account the way he has, best duke I would dis-agree with just because I do not like his tactics. Though just my opinion, I do not like people giving me partial quotes and chats from other tribes. If I speak with someone I do not want to wonder what part is being coped and what left out. No way am I saying worst duke Manics war stats speak for themselves just not my style.