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I think its time to open up the million point club.

Opening up the highest member of the million point club we have:
Jim, guy has been putting in a shift the whole world and has maintained rank 1 since nearly the start of the world, anytime someone gets close to his rank he starts leaping ahead again.

2nd up we have:
TheFourhorsemen, dude gets more internals than anyone. But more than that he eats every barb in site. A real power "horse" if you will, of a nobler.

3rd up we have:
Chess, guy got a late start, boosting his friends, and still out nobling every single account on this world. Guy is an absolute barb magnet and has no intention of stopping

4th up we have:
Probably deleting, I don't think they've done anything all world except mail people and eat barbs with minimal OD. LOL

5th up we have:
The Anime Universe himself, top tier player, top tier barb nobler. What more can you ask from a million point club member?

6th up we have:
Breakyourmind, guy has literally had high ass ODA for ages. If you're close he'll smoke you most likely. Solid farmer early game as well.

Well there you have it your million point club members. Will be interesting to see who makes it in the next point club.