Minty's general-purpose startup guide and how to farm 20k pp in a single world

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    Hi, I’m Mintyfresh and this is my guide on start-up and how to farm 20k pp from zero! This guide is intended for players from beginner level right up to expert veterans. Not everything in this guide has been streamlined for optimum play. It’s just there to give a baseline, feel free to do your own build/unit counts/whatever you want.

    Little bit about me: I've been playing TW on and off for several years. Wouldn't say im a particularly great player but i've been fortunate enough to enjoy a few world victories over the years. World 57, World 84, World 88. Not saying this to brag or to show off but hopefully it should give some indication that i know what im talking about most of the time although i'd be the first to say my play is far from perfect. Now lets begin!

    How does this build work?

    This is my guide on how to start a world from 0 pp and with a reasonable amount of activity easy farm yourself 10-20k with no tricks or anything difficult required. This can be done solo-playing although you will obviously have a higher return with more activity. The essence is to rush an academy and a second village in another continent as quickly as possible then exploit the different pp markets to shuffle resources from high-low to make a profit, it can be very effective if done properly easily making you 1-5k+ per day once up and running. Fact is that whether you like it or not PP is an integral part of the game these days and if you chose not to use it that is of course your prerogative. However, it can be provide a huge boost at any stage of the game if used properly. Hopefully if everyone has the capacity to farm lots of pp then the early game will no longer be dominated by those with huge pockets

    Like anything in TW it is somewhat luck reliant depending on your surroundings so adjust accordingly. The more time/activity you can put in the more you will get out at the end but even with minimal activity you should get still a decent return provided you follow this guide.

    If people have constructive criticism about how things could be done better (i.e. changing village build order to save a day or whatever) then feel free. If people have non-essential criticisms (i.e. “your section 4.1 is flawed! You noob! It would be 7% more efficient if you allocated resources to build x/y/z) then don’t bother.


    World 95:
    The amount of PP i entered the world with:
    w95 start pp.PNG
    The amount of PP i had when starting to sell:
    w95 first sales.PNG
    Ending PP after my main got nobled:
    w95 last sale.PNG
    Unfortunately i didnt quite reach my goal of 20k this time due to circumstances out of my control but here is what i achieved on world 93 using the exact same strategy:
    w94 first sale.PNG
    w93 last sale.PNG
    So as you can see its easily doable and rather quickly as well!


    1. - Events/Items/Warehouse

    2. - Start-up (0-1k Points)

    2.1 - Player farming
    3. - Second stage (1k points to academy)
    3.1 Regular startup build
    4. - Nobling and pp farming time
    4.1 How to sell
    5. - FAQ / statements etc

    1. Events/Items/Warehouse
    A large part of the success of this build is based around warehouse items. The best place to get these is from events predominantly and then the daily bonus. When a new world opens inno will usually do an event approximately 7-10 days after world start and then again approximately 2 weeks after that. These events usually run for 3-4 days. Getting the most out of these events is so critical to smoothing your way later on. Play the event as much as you can and pray it’s a decent event and not a useless one like noble’s fair where you can get maximum 2 items per day. Usually you get rewarded in a currency for completing the event and then you can spend your currency in a shop for the event. Literally the only items you want to be buying for pp farming is the 10-30% warehouse bonus items. Don’t buy anything except warehouse items. The only exceptions would be:

    · A flag booster item if you have a high coin flag and you think you’ll need multiple coins for nobles. Even then it’s probably not as cost effective in terms of resources as another 10% warehouse item

    · Privilege/Flamboyant speech. These two items are okay but privilege in particularly usually costs a lot of the currency and you’d be better off buying two cheaper warehouse items. Flamboyant speech is usually relatively cheap and if you’re building 2 nobles then it can be cost effective.

    You’ll have to do your own calculations per event, they’re usually varied on how much reward you can get from them

    Basically, the more warehouse items you can acquire now the easier a time you have later on. On 95 I ended up with 8x 10% warehouse items in a diamond mine event. Considering I could only ever do at most 2 out of 3 of the event resets per day of the event that’s not bad at all and realistically you could get way more than that without any luck only activity. Do not buy anything like war chests or noble decrees or any kind of permeant ‘boost’ to your village. These are often not cost effective and noob-traps for inexperienced players.

    If you miss the event or start just after it, this is still doable but you’re going to have a harder time and probably get less pp overall

    2. Start-up (0-1k points)
    This is probably the most critical part of the whole thing. Joining the world in the right location is key to gaining big pp $$$. Unfortunately, one of the most important parts is one of the bits that is left mostly up to chance.


    What you want to do is to watch the way a new world develops. The best time to join is approximately 3-5 days after the world starts as the core starts to get relatively fuller but it also gives you time to be there for the critical first event. The section you want to aim for is on the edge of the first 4 starting continents (44/45/54/55). The closer you can get to that edge the better. If you are unfortunate with your starting location and spawn many fields from the edge of those core continents then this can still work but be prepared for less pp gain once you hit that stage. Alternatively, you can try and wait and ‘aim’ for one of the corners to give yourself more options if you want to be more active and have several villages but this is heavily luck based and up to your discretion, if you do happen to get lucky and pull this off the potential for return investment is huge.

    Obviously, the alternative is to join after the new continent is populated and then noble into a core continent but then you’re giving yourself a delay of several days and you might miss the first event.

    Inno provides a relocation item that can be used for the first 48 hours (on a 1 speed world) after you start-up for the very first time on the world. I’d suggest using this item, if you want, to relocate to the continent that you feel has the most early game pp buyers. Obviously, there is an element of risk here you could worsen your starting location so choose wisely if the risk is worth it.

    The first few hours are relatively easily, simply follow the quests and complete them. You want to complete all the quests so that you can start to get the troops they provide. It’s very important to start farming early as early as you can to increase your income. Personally, I’ve never played any world without using premium account because it just makes my life easier. However, it’s probably possible without it just a bit more time consuming and less effective. Build yourself up to 60 spears/60 swords. The MINIMUM and MAXIMUM troops per farm run that you should ever send at this stage is 2 spears and 2 swords. This stops you from losing any troops on wall-less barbs. Between them they also haul 80 resources per hit. If you are in an active area there is no point in sending out more troops to a barb because it is very unlikely that you will be consistently hauling back the full amount possible per run. Don’t be afraid to send them out for hours either. Nobody can attack you at this point and it’s better to have all your troops active rather than sitting at home. You can choose to hit the same village multiple times if you think you will get good income out of it but I’ve always preferred personally to hit more villages singularly to get a more reliable income than hoping local villages are underfarmed by other players. Do not build any more troops at this point beyond the 60 spears/swords. If other people spike barbs (fu) and some die you can replace them but at this stage personally I wouldn’t bother. Don’t waste resources on axe research/production.

    Loot Assistant is mandatory, you cannot hope to effectively farm without it.

    At this point you should be growing nicely and have the quests for getting scouts. Keep farming and put all resis towards getting this quest done. Don’t worry about any other buildings except quest ones for now. Make sure you teach your paladin any resource books he can learn for a free boost. At this point if you do have a pp bank of some kind you can easily save yourself a day of time by buying a bit on the market to speed up researches and pay for the more expensive buildings but if you don’t then it’s not a significant game-changer.

    By start of day two if you have been farming decently (every hour or two where possible) you should be currently saving up the resources for LC. Again, being able to buy the resources at this stage is a huge help. You really want to rush LC as quick as possible without stopping for anything else on the way. My resource buildings remain at like 5-7 until I have 40-50 LC, they simply aren’t cost effective at this point in time provided you can keep farming. The game very helpfully provides you with free LC once you get it researched as well as resources to replace the cost of the research with the looting quests after you have the LC completed.

    Set your loot assistant to be:

    A) 2 sp / 2 sw


    Just because you have LC trained doesn’t mean you should stop farming with your infantry! They may be slow moving but 60 sp / 60 sw hauls the same amount as 30 LC

    By end of day three you should have anywhere in the region of 20-100 LC depending on how active you can be. On 95, purely playing solo and with 0 pp spent on resources I had just under 50. You should also by this time find a local tribe. Safety in numbers and all that although try and avoid aggressive ones as you really don’t want to be pestered to waste your precious farming troops on random nonsense.

    Focus mainly on LC production. Don’t bother to produce anything else. At this point you will have a serious surplus of clay/wood and deficit of iron. You can do one of two things:

    1) ‘swap’ resources on the pp market:
    Clay for Iron shuffle.PNG

    2) Build warehouses and bank the extra clay/wood for later. This is more long-term gain short-term loss than the previous option but equally viable in my opinion.

    Once you have a steady minimum 100 LC you can start to think about increasing your other buildings. I can’t really give a clear-cut guide on what to do here as it very much depends on your situation:

    Do you have active farmers near you? Might want to consider increasing resource buildings first

    Do you have a potentially large hostile tribe near you? Might want to consider building some more infantry / walls

    Do you have pp you can spend? Might want to consider buying iron and upping stables to get serious LC production

    Do you have 24/7 farming capabilities? Up stables and que/farm 24/7

    Is there a pp rushing monster 2 fields from you? Try not to make yourself a tempting target, make it clear to them that you can cancel snipe and are active. Even the most hardened pp monster will hesitate as losing nobles early.

    2.1. Player farming

    Small player farming is often overlooked by the average player as its seen as time-costly and with minimal reward. The reality is if you have a good setup and hit the right targets then it’s probably at least as good as barb farming. With this build our predominant troops are LC. We will not have clearing troops to speak of. What you want to do is to micro-farm the small players who won’t have starting troops yet from quests and who are out of beginner protection.

    Players below 60 points are 99% likely to have 0 troops as the quest for troops comes at approximately 65+ points provided someone follows the quest chain

    What you should do is to use a coordinate grabber script (plenty of them out there, ask your friends/tribemates) And then copy all the coordinates into a fake script adapted for LC and put it on your quick bar. This is the point where you need a premium account as you cannot do quick bar scripts without I as far as I’m aware.

    The website I use to build my fake-scripts and farm scripts is:

    You want to copy and paste the coordinates you have grabbed from your map of your surrounding area and paste them into the box shown. Then select the LC option and the number you want to send per attack. I would recommend 2 at the minimum as when sending just one you can lose the LC on player villages with -25% luck and 30% morale even if they have 0 wall, too risky. Copy the script into your quick bar and start farming! I would suggest updating this script every couple of days as more targets open up and others turn into barbs. Players above 60 points are likely to have troops so I would suggest scouting and if they are empty to add them to your farm script. You’ll really notice the difference it makes to your total income even if you just send 1-2 player farm runs a day, don’t miss out!

    By 1k this is what your minimum build should be:

    800 point minimum.PNG

    This build is actually only 800 points but this just shows the minimum building level for each that you should have (approximately). By this point you should have smithy and workshop along with a few rams. Level 1 walls will start to appear on barbs and they will start to take a toll on your LC so make sure to knock them down where they kill your troops. You can edit your LA to show villages where losses occurred. You may also want to consider editing your LA to this:

    a) 1 LC

    b) 4 LC 1 Scout

    4 LC is the minimum to not lose an LC on a level 1 wall. Do not ‘C’ farm at this stage it is grossly ineffective and highly overrated until mid-game. The scout is just there to check the wall level and whether you need to knock it down.

    You need 2 rams to knock down a level 1 wall and 4 rams for a level 2 wall on a barb. I’d recommend also to research and recruit a few axes to escort the rams. Your LC are too valuable and def troops will often die when escorting rams particularly at level 2 wall.

    Getting to 1k points should take you anywhere between 6-10 days depending on your situation. I believe it took me roughly 8.5 days on w95.

    3. Second stage (1k points – academy)

    This section is mainly just expanding on what you’ve already done to the 1k points mark. Namely:

    · Farming

    · Building

    · Adapting to your situation

    With a bit of luck everything will remain relatively stable and you won’t have to do anything to slow down your growth. I’d suggest where possible to not focus solely on a particular strategy (i.e. resource production only or stables only) but to build everything in a relatively even manner to keep your options open. The only thing that I would strongly recommend everyone to build at this stage is 200 spear / 200 swords for sniping purposes. You don’t have to but it’s foolish not to even if you consider yourself in a ‘safe’ spot. Better to spend the resources and be able to cancel-snipe a train if needed than to have your time and effort wasted by getting nobled out.

    Make sure you keep an eye on your surroundings and talk to your neighbours. Doesn’t cost much to be friendly and you can often maintain good relations with people with minimal effort. Considering your goal is to gain PP and not conquer the world you’re looking for peace rather than war.

    You may also see local people inactive at this point as indicated by their points not growing, making village notes is handy for this. Scout them if you feel so inclined to see if they have troops. Anyone below 250 points is rather unlikely to have scouts (although it is possible). I would strongly recommend to not clear people if they have the 20 sp / 20 sw / pala units from the early start quests. Why is that? Because they are often low morale and with the relatively few axes you should have it has the potential to cost more than you will gain. Never use your LC to clear people. I cannot stress enough how LC are farming machines and not for early-game clearing:

    lc vs early troops.PNG

    (40% morale 0 wall, 0 buffs either side, 0 luck)

    You may think ‘oh that’s not too bad for an early game clear to make a farm’. But there are a couple of problems, one is that you had to wait for 100 LC to be at home in order to clear this guy which is 100 LC not out farming. Additionally, you probably won’t be the only one farming this guy after a day or two which means it’s really not cost effective to do in either the short term or long term.

    This is of course subjective and if people want to build extra axes in order to clear people without losing LC then be my guest, personally I consider it to be a less optimal use of resources. Far better to let someone else clear then pick up resources for free down the line!

    By the 2k points stage you should be at this (approximately):

    1800 point minimum.PNG

    This is actually 1800 points so again some lee-way here. By this point you’re going to want to start to think about getting the academy in the couple of days. The production buildings are relatively low but since we’re not going to be producing much troops (or hopefully losing many) that shouldn’t be a problem. At some stage you’re going to want to think about stopping LC production and focusing purely on buildings, smithies are not cheap on the iron and neither are nobles. I’d recommend for a minimum of 500 (really absolute bare minimum, farming is still your primary income). There is no maximum LC limit but keep in mind that the more LC you produce the longer you delay your pp farm unless you can keep your LC production 24/7 while still doing the buildings.

    You now want to build ONLY warehouses to make best use of the warehouse items you should be accumulating. Warehouses are very expensive on the wood/clay and much less so on iron. It’s up to you what to do with the excess iron. You can either bank it in your warehouses for smithy levels or what I did was to sell it to acquire a bit of pp to reduce build time on the higher smithy levels. Aim for a minimum of level 27 before you start to use most of your warehouse items. Basically, the higher the better. At level 30 warehouse you get 120,000 of total resources per 10% which is more than most people will be farming at this stage. Resources that you don’t have to do any work for are the best type! Your growth should start to accelerate at this point. I reached 2k points in approximately 12 days (with an academy 2 days later) from start-up with 650 LC total

    Once you have your warehouse at a decent level (27+). You need to start thinking about a noble target! The absolute best is a 50% extra storage and merchant bonus village. These things are perfect for you if you are pp farming! Extra resources when using items, and extra merchants for selling pp. If you’re lucky there will be one spawned in the next continent near you but don’t fret if there isn’t one. It’s not worth hours of extra travel distance. Failing to find one of those then it doesn’t really matter what else you get. You won’t be building up this village at all in any way so just pick the closest one. If you really want to min/max then maybe a 30% resource village or a 10% bonus pop but its negligible. It’s important to calculate travel distance for nobles between you and your target. You may have to build 2 nobles to not spend days slowly whittling down the loyalty of your chosen village.

    Here was my village build by the time I reached academy on w95:

    (10 image per post limit qq)
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    academy build w95.PNG

    Being able to halve the smithy times was really helpful. 10 pp to drop half a dozen hours off a build time is huge.

    3.1. Regular start-up build

    But minty wait! I’m having too much fun! I don’t want to go and do boring pp farm! Well in that case this is the point where you can diverge from the build given as far as up to this stage its relatively the same. If you want to do the grow and subjugate option over pp farming then you need to change your tactics. You want to increase your production buildings and really go balls to the walls on LC production. Make sure you have a recruitment flag on and any kind of recruitment buffs you can get. Crank out axes too and think about clearing inactive players near you.

    Get the workshop level a bit higher and research cats to knock building levels down. Keep building farm levels and consider getting a higher HQ than 20 to faster building production (pays off overall with no pp to reduce build speed). Your goal here is to get 4, or more, nobles to have a full train. I hope you bought a flag booster at some point in the event as that’s going to make your life a lot lot easier. You’ll need 10 coins and 4 nobles minimum if you want to be a contender in your neighbourhood. Start to think about potential noble targets near you, the easiest targets are tribeless players. Early on in the world the loss of your starting troops can be a huge set-back and often it’s easier to just start again if you lose all your troops in a rash action. Tribeless people make the best targets as they won’t have any back-up. Nothing is worse than picking a target to noble and then sending your train only for the village to be stacked by 10 paladins! Here is a good example build of what you should have at minimum when getting academy:

    Example village build no farm.PNG

    I’d suggest to still get warehouse levels as you get so many warehouse items for free in this game it’s just free resources you’re throwing away by having an under-developed warehouse. Used to be years ago the warehouse would be the last building to max out but in the current meta I’d get a 30 warehouse before academy because chances are it’ll pay for itself in like a week. Think about your tribe carefully as it’s not a case of simply safety in numbers any more. If you are playing seriously then you must have a good tribe to work and grow with.

    Pick yourself several targets just in case something happens and you can’t take one. Generally, I’d go for 4/5 nobles depending on how lucky I am and then try and take 3-4 villages in quick succession. Don’t be afraid to take a bonus barb if the bonus and location is right for you. There is a lot of debate about taking barbs which I’m not going to go into here. If you’re reading this and think it’s ‘nooby’ to go for barbs then don’t, it’s your account and not mine! Try and work out your targets offline times using tw-stats and seeing when he is building in his village. Often there is a pattern you can see over several days where there is a gap of hours while they are sleeping. It’s a sneaky tactic but also a very effective one.

    Farming is important no matter what you’re doing but it’s pretty much make or break for a serious player. The guy hauling 500k a day will beat the guy hauling 300k a day in the long-run. More resources = more troops/buildings/coins and faster growth. Growth is everything in this game and you’ll never be a world winning contender without good growth. If you don’t have a coplayer try and find one, the difference it can make is quite staggering. Failing that get night-sitters who can farm for you if possible.

    4. Nobling and pp farming time!

    Make sure you factor in the world speed when working out nobling. Worlds above 1 speed often have faster loyalty per hour gain so on a 2-speed world a 10-hour round trip will increase the loyalty by 20 in that time! Make sure to send a small but not miniscule escort with your nobles, whatever axes you have still would be best, keep those LC farming! While your nobles are earning their keep build up your market in the main village to at least 20 to allow for more shuffling for resources. In order to get 2 nobles you will need 3 coins putting a total cost (assuming 10% coin flag, calculate accordingly for higher levels) at:

    155,600 wood, 181,000 clay and 167,500 iron.

    Assuming you have a level 27 warehouse which holds 215,000 resources that means you will need to have about 85% worth of warehouse items to have ‘free’ nobles + coins. The higher coin flag + warehouse you have will obviously mean you need fewer warehouse items but even 85% is very easily obtainable with a fair amount of activity during event time and with the daily bonus items as well. Spending warehouse items at this stage effectively cuts the farming for coins/nobles time from potentially days to zero. This is the best time to use your warehouse items at start-up.

    If you’ve managed to get this far then congratulations! You’re nearly ready to begin making the big money! Hopefully you have outgrown anyone in your area so your lack of point growth at this point shouldn’t make you a tempting target as you’re still bigger than most other players. Once you have your second village it’s time to build it up and get shuffling. Depending on how much pp bank you have at this stage you can vary your build a little.

    · Low PP – build your HQ to 10 first and then go warehouse/market

    · High pp – don’t bother with the HQ just reduce that build time!

    Don’t bother with any other buildings. Don’t bother getting troops here. Stationing your paladin is an option to get more skill books. Don’t bother getting resource buildings, just a waste of resources and build time. You want to get shuffling asap. Generally, with low pp it’ll take a day or two to get a warehouse/market to a decent level to start moving serious amounts of resources. If you’ve been fortunate enough to get a storage/merchant village then enjoy dat sweet sweet bonus. Markets are only good once they get to the 15+ stage. Before that they gain merchants too slowly for them to be any use. I’d recommend at least a level 20 market + warehouse in this village but depending on your activity / warehouse items it’s probably a good idea to boost it higher.

    Once you’re happy with the build in the second village it’s time to start gaining the pp. This part is probably the easiest out of the entire start-up really after all your hard work so far. What you want to is:

    Spend PP on resources in one village in the premium exchange when you can get a lot of resources per pp point

    iron 1.PNG

    Then transport the resources to the other village and sell them back to the premium exchange when you get more pp per amount of resources!
    iron 2.PNG

    By buying 400 resources for 1 pp and then selling those 400 resources for 2 pp you can effectively double your money. Buying 40,000 resources for 100 pp and then selling for 200 pp and then doing the same for wood/clay you can make 300+ pp per ‘transaction’. You are getting pp for doing literally nothing!

    What you should be aiming for (one maxed market to one nearly empty market):

    w95 good trade.PNG

    Usually you will be buying in your main village and then transporting to the village in the outer continent to sell but not always. Make sure you check the market regularly as sometimes you can do it the other way around. There have been many times I’ve bought in my main, transported to 2nd village and sold only for the prices to suddenly reverse a few hours later. In which case, I reverse the process. Sometimes you can find that the prices change rapidly in which case you can buy and sell within the same continent for a quick profit. Generally speaking I prefer to go for sales where I can double my expenditure (i.e. 100% profit) but that’s not always possible. As time passes less people bulk buy and the pp exchange becomes more and more sluggish. The other thing to watch out for is that Inno has a balancing system where they will shuffle resources around from the continents where the pp exchange is fuller to the emptier continents. This happens roughly once or twice a day so make sure not to sell at these times and wait for the exchange to be more lopsided in your favour.

    You should be easily making 1k pp a day here without any problems, make sure you keep farming as its free resources and therefore free pp!

    4.1 Methods of selling

    Now as you probably know the pp exchange is non-linear. The closer it gets to being full then the cost of resources per pp grows dramatically. At approximately 80% from full its usually close to half of what you can get compared to 100%. I don’t know maths so I don’t know the terminology but that’s basically how it works.

    The more you sell at a single time the higher you will fill the exchange rate. This means that when the pp exchange has 40k or so left to be full and you sell it 40k you will get less pp for your resources than if you had sold 20k, waited for it to drop again when someone has bought it and sold the other 20k. This is because it recalculates the value of your resources the closer it gets to 100%. It won’t sell the 40k at the exchange rate displayed. You will receive more return on your resources if you are patient and sell in small batches before waiting for the market to dip down again, I suggest having some kind of cut-off criteria that you can say “right when it gets to xxx I will sell 10k”

    On the other hand if someone buys out a massive amount and it drops to 100 or so resources per pp you want to pop a warehouse buff or whatever and sell sell sell before someone else does.

    You can also collaborate with people. If you can see that someone is probably a buyer or a seller then you can coordinate with them. Let them know when the exchange rate is high (because you just sold) and they can tell you when they have just bought so the exchange rate is low. This way you both win!

    And thats basically it for this guide, best of luck to everyone. If you have any questions feel free to post below or send me a pm and i'll do my best to answer

    5. FAQ

    Q: Why are you writing this guide Minty, why do you want to propagate p2w?!?!?

    A: The premium aspect of this game is not going to go away no matter how much people whine about it. Currently there is the ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’. This is my way of attempting to level the playing-field. If everyone can get 20k pp per world then the playing field is effectively levelled again and pp becomes just another resource.

    In theory.

    Q: It’s been two days and I’ve hardly made any PP, am I doing it wrong?

    A: Probably. You must watch the markets a fair bit and gauge when the best time to buy and sell. Don’t be hasty and go for small profits just be patient, some days you might not make so much and other days you can make 2k in a few hours

    Q: Help someone is attacking me!

    A: That’s not a question…

    Only joking, yeah it sucks but that will happen sometimes, there isn’t much you can do about it except outside the usual, spending resources/dodging troops etc. Maybe request some support from that tribe you should have joined. Hopefully if they can see you’re active they’ll move on after not getting any return from their attacks. If they persist then sorry you’re probably going to be delayed quite drastically with your build ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

    Q: My tribe has a no barbing policy! What do I do?

    A: I’ve usually asked my duke nicely and gotten permission, particularly if I offer the villages to be internalled when I’m done.

    Alternatively, you can pp farm with a single village, just buy when its full and sell when its low. You can make reasonable profit from this and if you take into consideration you don’t have to buy nobles/coins it’s not a bad idea. But from what I’ve found having the ability to sell into another market is crucial in the long-run to make the big numbers. Since most people who pp farm do it with one village often the core markets can get full quickly and then it’s just random luck as to if you see the market drop so you can sell, my method is more consistent.

    Q: Your build is lame and one-dimensional; my way of pp farming is better!

    Yes, this build isn’t for min-maxing the amount of pp you can get in a world. This is purely to provide an easily accessible and not difficult way for the average person to increase their pp farming potential. There could be a lot more done here but at the end of the day it’s enough to get people started.

    Q: Your guide is too hard; can you help me please?

    A: If you have any specific questions about parts which you don’t understand or you think have been explained poorly feel free to send me a pm on these forums.

    Q: This is boring af, I hate pp farming

    A: Yes, I could probably make easily double what I do per world but after a week of stalking the market it becomes mind-numbing and I generally quit at the 20k mark purely to save my sanity. But no pain no gain, right?

    I'll try and keep this updated should anything major happen but no promises!
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    Sep 4, 2013
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  8. The Jacal

    The Jacal Contributing Poster

    Apr 8, 2010
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    great guide Paul, will try it next world cuz i suck big ones at pp farming :D
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  9. Ibra Gonza II

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    Dec 12, 2015
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    At everything else too!

    But I'm gonna try it too Paul :D Ty 4 the guide <3
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    THE MURPH ALL CAPS Contributing Poster

    Apr 5, 2014
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    I didn't read the thread because I won't use it simply because I earn more by working OT than I would farming PP (potentially). I haven't done the maths, I did have a quick glace and it's great to see good content being created. Deserves recognition. GG
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    THE MURPH ALL CAPS Contributing Poster

    Apr 5, 2014
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    ALSO I am completely anti farming and I am a strong advocate of worlds like 96 when there's pretty much zero core and semi rim farming as we all barblers and proud WOO

    Also sorry for OT post but thought was important to add