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After days of nonstop talking and boasting of how amazing his tribe is, the leader of GO! is actually missing and no where to be found.


No one would've predicted this outcome the way he talks himself up, you'd quite simply think the man was Jesus himself. Tremorz holds himself highly in regards to being a very skilled warrior, unleashing havoc on poor barbarian villages trying to hide in peace. Now how can a man that acts so powerful and so strong look so weak? 2 failed OPs on AFK now after weeks of talking about how they'd break us.

There has been a few skirmishes between AFK/GO! in the past few weeks, and through each situation we've been reminded how amazing GO are and how bad the leader of AFK is while also giving us some meme material in the process;

We decided to toss a few fangs, make Tremorz feel important and he went on to show us just how good players counter catapults. Giving himself the nickname "7 second man", a great accomplishment indeed.



Unfortunately for him cats didn't stop and he stopped calculating how many 7 seconds were adding up with each attack :(


I think it's safe to say his girlfriend can no longer feel the need to call him Mr.7 second man, as we've improved him on that for sure.

Studio_Project (20).png

It's been over a day now since the last appearance of Tremorz, so as the search for the missing person continues we have these questions to ask;

Where was the last time Tremorz was seen? 118 chat! the morning before the OP on AFK, such confidence that his great tribe would take out the notorious AFK with 1 of the greatest 7 day OPs this world has ever saw! And if you think I'm joking, just ask Squeal!


And I'm not messing around, just ask Squeal these OPs are no joke!


Studio_Project (9).jpeg

2 OPs and nothing to show for it!


Side 1:
Tribes: AFK
Side 2:
Tribes: GO!

Timeframe: Last month

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1:
Side 2: 7
Difference: 4


Imagine being such a top tribe you purposely leave out the main OP target in the fake script


Boosting our Malaka Mayhem to rank 1 ODD in the process, we thank you wrecking ball!


Such a bad OP you left our Malaka confused!


After having the worst OP of world 118 yesterday, we decided to fix Tremorz "Wrecking Ball" post aimed towards AFK to show him how highly we think of his attack power.


Tremorz, duke of Go! where has our friend disappeared off to? Will he be back? we at AFK hope so! we enjoy reminding GO! they're not on our level.