Mistake number one ~ME~

Discussion in 'World 43' started by leezone, Nov 10, 2009.

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  1. leezone

    leezone Guest

    Arnt they interesting?
    Well this is the first merge proposal i have had so far and i doubt it will be the last.
    As you all know the general unwritern rule is there allways has to be a merge war at the start and end of a world.

    ~ME~ have made sure they follow this rule half heartedly.
    Like most people i disagree with merges this early in the game (actually i just do not like merges) but these guys could have made more of an effort.

    After failing to recruit me i get this mail ten minuets after i kindly decline the invite.

    i expect great merge prospects from this tribe.
    i am sure they will succeed in there merge war and then hopfuly go away.

    i am fully aware that i will probebly get flamed instead of them but thats part of fun!
  2. I iz Rough

    I iz Rough Guest

    wow humm merge = win o_O
  3. leezone

    leezone Guest

    yes merge = a win...for everyone who has not merged into anouther tribe.
  4. LovelySleep?

    LovelySleep? Guest

    This really should go in the 'Funny IG Messages'.
    However, that merge offer was low, even for a noob. :icon_sad: