Mnorris another terrible selfish Duke...the TW Norm nowadays.


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Mnorris from Fresh tried recruiting me for 4 weeks to leave WUS and join Fresh.
And Yes ofcourse I told my WUS duke immidiately that another tribe is trying to recruit me.
He promises me tribal stacks and he will have my back and would love for me to join his tribe bla bla ... I felt like I was being asked out on a date almost.
so he continues to msg me literally every day for 4 weeks...literally ... I can forward the msgs ingame incase he tries to deny it.

When WUS imploded due to Ragnar/Odin displaying their usual toxic behavior I figured hey Im tribeless now ... why not take his invitation and join fresh.

So I join Fresh, first day I snipe a few trains and do a same second recap for the duke because he doesnt seem capable of anything but farming apparently,
he send some terrible sad attempts at recaps to a village Ragnar took from him... I mean we are talking about a 30 hour train with huge support gabs and somehow he wasnt able to snipe or recap it and then continued to send in 4 x 1/3 nukes and 1 full nuke .... the full nuke 2nd to last ... and wall breaker quarter nuke as last ...... was just sad to see. most his nukes look like 1500 axe 800lc 450 rams and stuff like that pfff.

second day he tells in grpchat how im a great player and hes happy to have me in Fresh

Third day he decides he no longer wants alliance with Design, but wants alliance with AMG instead.
So he chats with Odin and I guess Odin punked him and is a better negotiator than Mnorris because .... Everyone knows AMG is at war in the north with Design and they cannot get diplo there as Design members hate Ragnar/Odin. so AMG desperately needs diplo in the south with fresh as they cannot fight both fronts at the same time. so you would figure Mnorris/Fresh is the stronger one in the negotiations and able to make demands for the diplo but somehow Odin manages to brainwash Mnorris and now its Odin making the demands for diplo. Odin/Ragnar now demand Mnorris drops me and feeds me to the wolves. Odin tells Mnorris that Design and Ruckus have end game merge to victory plans and Freshs only chance to survive is to make eng game merge to win alliance with AMG.....Mnorris falls for it and gives in to all Odin's demands.

Mnorris shows he has no backbone, is a traitor and backstabber and uses his tribesmembers as pawns and bargaining chips for diplo with other tribes as he continues to drop me from Fresh without a word. not a single msg nothing.

so to anyone in Fresh ... be aware ... u might be next.
Your duke knows no loyalty and offers up his tribesmembers to other tribes as food for bargaining chips.
anything for council to survive.

InvisibleMan ... u said in your fresh circ ... "how u play this game is how you are in real life so show values and backbone" .... so is this how u are in real life ?
you are in council with mnorris ... so in real life u allow your loyal tribesmates to be kicked out and fed to the enemy just to acquire diplo ?
u use your loyal tribesmembers as bargaining chips when theyve done nothing wrong ?

ps: incase anyone who doesnt know wonders ... I have been loyal to wus when i was in wus and I was loyal to fresh when I was in fresh.
noone can claim I ever did anything unloyal, not mnorris, not ragnar not odin not Ryan ... none of them.
Mnorris is just a selfish traitor who doesnt stand behind his tribesmember and Ragnar/Odin well ... enough has been said about them on these forums I dont need to go into that.

Mnorris forgot to kick me out of the Discord group chat so I did my story there first and he couldnt even deny it to his tribesmembers. he couldnt even come up with an excuse or a lie about me doing anything wrong ... he just told his tribesmembers that the alliance with Design wasnt paying off and the alliance with AMG was worth more than 1 tribesmember so he offered me up to the wolves to safe his tribes future......yeah ... thats the kind of guy you are being lead by people.

Better to die on your feet than live on your here I go :)


RIP GeeGee
I am looking for a co-player and I very much appreciate loyal players like you, so if you ever feel like joining on my account, you're more than welcome

and yes, you're probably 100x times better than me


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thnx guys :)

Just a lil update ....
mnorris however hasnt founded his manhood yet to apologize to me but ...
InvisibleMan manned up and apologized to me for the way his tribe treated me.
doesnt make a difference yet but I just wanted to clear his name since I mentioned him earlier.
Its good seeing honourable men in this game so I just wanted to share that with you all.


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Geegee was an exemplary member of WUS right up until the plague of Ragfart odirus struck the tribe. The same can be said about dirty secret.
Funny story about that accounts name, it was my idea. But odin (baker) thinks it's a cunning name which helped him unveil the dark truths of the account being spies for design.


Back on topic, geegee is so loyal once he knew I would return we setup another tribe and are now kicking back and having fun together once more.
Basically because we play the game on a foundation of loyalty, honour and respect. Well GeeGee doesn't I'm pretty horrible to be honest.

Whilst you mention fresh, fresh should have stayed allied with Design, anything Odin has told you will be out of context or manipulated. I never reached out to you guys for diplomacy whilst duking WUS because you already had allies and secondly I knew you didn't have the minerals. Fresh is essentially a holding tribe lead by a farmer who likes holding a button down whilst licking his screen.