Monsignor VS C.K


I'm writing this after a 7 hour delay due to the database error. Here is the original post in its entirety (also, can one of the mods please delete the blank topics of the same name).


It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. I couldn't come up with a fitting beginning for my story so I borrowed this one from Charles Dickens. I'm sure he wouldn't mind considering the awesomeness of what you're about to read.

You see, some time ago, while I was still a baron of New, I started to become unbearably bored with this world, and this game in general. I decided I'd had enough, but I didn't want to simply delete my account or set somebody as account sitter and leave. Since these last 3 months haven't been very interesting, a thought crossed my mind - why not have fun for a few days before ending my story here? Why let all the armies I've so diligently been building all this time go to waste? My plan was as follows: pick an enemy stronger than me that has a history of getting on my nerves and stepping on my toes, pull them into an unfair battle and go out in a blaze of glory. And what better choice than the resident top ten, mass recruiting, bad English speaking, arrogant tribe of continents 52, 62 and 53 - C.K. To be more specific regarding the size of this tribe, this is a screenshot of their profile taken last night:

So I left New, planning my attacks against saint15, the C.K member nearest to me, anticipating immediate retaliation from this top ten tribe. After taking 3 villages, the only incomings I had seen are 4 fake attacks from saint15. By this time, I was wondering - where are the noble trains? Clearing attacks? Support for saint15? Fakes, at least? Finally, the little white envelope we all know and love notified me that I have mail from none other than the duke of C.K. Finally, I thought, at least a threatening private message has entered my inbox! Alas, no. The content of this message was quite different to what I expected. Here is the full conversation I had with him (I leave it up to you to reconstruct my thought process during the exchange):

t-mak on 25.04. at 11:51
Man i saw that you are a very good player...
you want to come us ?we are only active players

Monsignor on 25.04. at 12:05
Let me think about it.

t-mak on 25.04. at 12:08
i see that you nobled a village of [player]saint15[/player]
I don`t care, i can desmiss him to nobled and other village , i want only good and active players :)

Monsignor on 25.04. at 12:14
Don't dismiss him, just make sure your members don't support him. I prefer it that way:)

t-mak on 25.04. at 12:16
but , you need to come us..
we are a good tribe , we control K53 , K52 and K62.
now we are in tratative with a good tribes to be ally(TOP10)

Monsignor on 25.04. at 12:25
I said I'll think about it, I'll let you know tonight.

t-mak on 25.04. at 12:30
ok.i expect an answer tonight

Monsignor on 25.04. at 18:56
Here's the deal: I'm willing to join [ally]C.K[/ally], but under one condition. See, I'm not used to being a regular member, in any tribe I've been in so far I was either a leader or a general. Now, I know you guys have your hierarchy and I respect that, but I'd like to have some position in the tribe. For instance, baron in charge of K63, because I know a lot of people there and a lot of them owe me favors.

What can I offer on that position?

1. I'm an experienced war player, ever since World 3 I've been a general in all the tribes I've been in.

2. I have diplomatic contacts with Evoke and New.

So, to summarize, my offer is this: I will join your tribe if you will make me a baron. Think about it and let me know.


t-mak today at 14:41
ok , but for a few days i can give you diplomatic rights
and after a few days i give you BARON, is it ok?

Monsignor today at 15:51
No deal. I'll only join if I can be a baron from the start.

t-mak today at 15:55
ok, but I want to ask you something..
why you left [ally]NEW[/ally] ?

Monsignor today at 17:03
Because a lot of members are inactive, including some of the leaders and it just got very boring over there. Also, the tribe has some plans that I don't agree with.

t-mak today at 17:10
i send invite

Monsignor today at 17:17
I've joined.

t-mak today at 17:25
ok , i give you rights

Monsignor today at 17:25
Thank you.
If you search for C.K in the tribal rankings now, you might find them to be not quite as big as they were yesterday. In fact, you might find something like this:

Due to the database error on this forum, this post is about 7 hours late, so by now they've started to regroup under a different name, according to them because they want nothing to do with t-mak anymore. Either way, after a lot of clicking, I bring to you, complete and unedited, some lovely screenshots I took while on my holiday in C.K. Warning: screenshots may contain information about tribes other than C.K.

Here is a series I like to call "What is to become of this world":

plot against evoke pt. 1

plot against evoke pt. 2

to plot or not to plot

Two screenshots regarding my own persona, which I like to call "ZOMG Monsignor":

ZOMG new baron


And for every unbelieving Thomas out there who might think any of the screenshots above are photoshopped, I made the effort of creating a little swf file which documents my browsing of their forum and can be downloaded here or here.

Finally, here are some initial war stats:

Side 1:
Players: Monsignor

Side 2:
Tribes: C.K

Timeframe: Forever

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 3
Side 2: 0
Difference: 3

Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 12,197
Side 2: 0
Difference: 12,197


Hopefully, the gentlemen of C.K have now learned a valuable lesson: when somebody systematically nobles and demolishes villages that belong to one of your members, don't invite that person and make him a baron. I still plan to leave this world in the near future, so when you guys get your tribe back together, it would be nice to see some incomings. And try to rim me before the summer, please. Seriously though, don't invite me to your tribe this time. Noble my villages. Spam me with fakes. Just don't invite me and, by all means, do not give me leadership privileges. Of course, you can just sit tight like you've been doing so far and watch me take your players out one by one for ever and ever (or until I get bored anyway).

They also have a sister tribe called C.K.E which also sent me an invite, only they did it without even mailing me first. The reason they're not mentioned above is because communication between these two tribes is rare and sporadic. Nevertheless, when you attack a C.K.E member, they're more than willing to threaten you with annihilation by the hand of their big sister, brother, or whatever the family relation may be in this case.

I'd like to dedicate this post to babno of C.K, who was the original reason for my dispute with C.K. Here is a motivational poster just for you, it's based on a conversation you and I had a while ago:

P.S. Remember when you lost craploads of troops nobling edd's 'abandoned' account? I was sitting him the whole time. That is, until I finally got bored and left it to rot. After which you took about 4 more days to take the village you wanted. I hope you bring your A-game when you attack me.

Thank you for your time, W33.

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Thank you for a most entertaining post Monsignor.
Many had already guessed your purpose for joining C.K and the inevitable outcome of our Dukes exceptionally bad decision to ignore the advice he was given.
As we could not persuade our Duke to stand down, we were already planning on reforming so I thank you for help with that.

Big Bobbert

Monsignor. You have uncovered a great plot!

I also like you PnP.

Good Luck against these lot.

May your "end of the world" be swift and brutal...but we cant guarantee that with obvious noobs.


Mon, you know how I feel about you leaving already... I love your class and you will be sorely missed!!!!
I hope you get the carnage you were wishing for. This made me laugh so hard!!!!


No wonder people get bored with this world, with the amount of "wars" ending like this :/

Trust ftw!


when i first noticed the empty posts, i though WTF? -but refrained from posting.

i am glad i read this, you have performed a top-class screw-over, fair play.

nice pnp


ROFLMAO... monsignor, I have always heard that you were the best in NEW... and after I read this, I have just one word to say WOW... well done monsignor!!!!


As we could not persuade our Duke to stand down, we were already planning on reforming so I thank you for help with that.
If you ever want to 'reform' your new tribe, feel free to send me an invite.


babno on 26.04. at 19:43
A warning, sketch and mon were bragging about tic-toc's methods (draco) during the edd incident, DO NOT LET HIM GET SERIOUS PRIVLEDGES!!!

t-mak on 26.04. at 19:45
no , he can`t disband the tribe

babno on 26.04. at 19:46
i wouldn't give him kicking power either, and mainly a warning for future

babno today at 16:11
tmak would be the eventual downfall of the tribe even if it wasn't for you mon. I would also like to thank you for not only showing he is a backstabbing bastard in addition to the illiterate idiot we already knew, but for helping us get rid of him for us, and protect anyone else against him.

Would also like to point out that the "plot against evoke" we declined to get involved with. read all of the screen shot.

we also already reformed, back to old rank of 7 and only 100k points behind previous ranking
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tmak is an idiot. he narrowly dodged having a full mutiny a while ago by making another guy co-lead of tribe (though he refused to agree to terms of making him actual duke) I think he was being power hungry and he felt big making a bold move against the will of everyone else.


The old 'dump it all on one person' approach, I see. Need I remind you that this guy has been your leader for 2 or 3 months? The fact that you people couldn't do anything about it all this time until somebody from the outside came in and disbanded the tribe really doesn't make you look all that good.


we had another as co-lead who was the one people would actually listen too. we didn't feel tmak was in a position to hurt us any further. guess not


I have to say ive been in Babno's position, and it is a bitch, but why didnt you just leave?


cause everyone minus tmak is not an idiot and I like them. not to mention I am smack dab in the middle of CK


So if Tmak was such a bad leader why couldnt you stir a mutiny? if hes as bad as you say people would have left happily


been there done that. we DID have a mutiny, probably about a month ago, which he narrowly averted by assigning a competent person as co-lead with full privledges as we demanded. Onealpha always was the real lead of the tribe, and a fine guy he is too


The reason you received no counter attacks is because my player, Marv79 also attacked a C.K member near him and took 6 villages. C.K counter attacked with several hundred attacks, but the real attacks were easily defeated due to little or no rams in the attacks.

All in All, Marv is now ranked 1st in ODA, ODD, and of course, OD in general.

~Meganluvsme, Duke of Pure Energy