Most influential players to you.


Hello friends and foes - My time on 29 is rapidly coming to an end, So I wanted to take a minute to ask everyone who their most influential friends were on this world. I've been in the GRIND!/ TLA fight for a short while now, And I've seen some good and bad on both sides. It isn't an easy choice on who the single most influential person was for me on this world, But I have been able to narrow down to a few select "Friends", If you will, Who made my time on 29 quite memorable.

Darthart - You were one of the earliest people I knew on this world, And you were a pretty good person to talk to (When you would actually reply, Haha). You helped me out in some rough spots on this world (Initial attacks on my tribe from GRIND!), And continued to help in getting me and my friends into GRIND!

Fahlecta - This person was certainly quite the character. Always a person shrouded in mystery. They helped me with random tactics and planning on TW and also didn't spare me from the bashing when I started taking barbs, Haha. Fahlecta was always one to help when they could, And me and them would often end up on random rants about nonsense (I.E., Conspiracy theories and such), And they always kept things interesting for me. Hopefully I'll hear from them again in the future.

Killer - Original leader from T.R.A., And a good friend of mine. We were always joking around about everything in the forums, And he was always quick to help when needed.

Mke - Another leader from T.R.A., And yet another good friend of mine. Always joking around in the forums with everyone, And quick to raise hell for the fun of it. Certainly a good guy all around.

All former T.R.A. members - This tribe was certainly one of my favorite times on 29. These guys were great, And I miss the random fighting we'd always have within the forums. This group of hell-raisers would always help in any situation they could, And were the main reason why I stayed so long on this world.

All GRIND! members, Former and future - These were some of the strongest people I've worked with in my time on TW. They all proved that they enjoyed a good fight, And certainly put up their own good fights in this world.

TLA - What can I say about you guys? Haha, I don't really know any of you guys, And I'm sure most of you have never heard of my existence on this world. You lot are certainly strong foes, And you've all put up a good fight also.

It's been an honor fighting alongside and against all of you.

Merry X-mas, And a Happy and safe New Year to you all.


mikey9points - without the arguements, banter and encoragement would probably not be on this world today

there are others who have made massive inpacts on my game and on myself but it would take forever to list everybody :)


How did I not see this thread?

Anyway, most influential for me:

Dallock - Was a great person to go to for advice in DSL... Also was a very good leader with Forsaken

Forsaken - He taught me almost everything I know about scripts and this game... Was such an awesome guy and I was really upset when he told me he was quitting (due to the NN shenanigans)

Kat a.k.a madlax - She was one of the main driving forces behind DSL during the TLA/DSL war... Also let me join in on ops even prior to my joining of DSL (while I was in the allied =DoD=

John - As the leader for the vast majority of *TLA*'s existence he boosted the morale of many players with a simple circ mail that inspired us all. He also was alongside mikey (and a few others) with leading the way for us as a tribe to attack the enemy.

Sam - Was undoubtably one fo teh best dukes W29 has ever seen, when he returned to the game after NN he rallied together the remains of TLA/DSL and put them under one banner, players who had been enemies for so long, playing alongside each other, and it worked too ^_^

DudeofDeath -Allowed those of us from =TFHR= (I'm ashamed to admit to being in it >.<) who wanted to keep playing join his tribe despite him initially not wanting to be a duke. He then joined another world with me and some other =DoD= members and was our duke there (with a set of barons doing different jobs)... He was a great influence without even having to say much.

Mikey - Even if he is a little abrupt and nrude at times, he was a big influence for me in terms of nuking more, even though I knew I would never catch him I set myself a goal to achieve before the end because of seeing how easy it was for him to achieve long before me.


By far for me was Sam (aka Damageboi123). He taught me a lot about leading a tribe and politics as well as selfless game play.

Beyond Sam, Mikey was my second most influential player teaching me about offensive game play and that losing troops is all part of the game. Mainly how to be an aggressive player.

Logboss, Simon Yuen, and Homeini (aka Jess) taught me a lot about defending and how to backtime as well as using scripts and Opera tools (all legal) to help.

Special mention also goes out to Sobaks (both CC and Dal) for helping me with a lot of difficult decisions, their knowledge compiled from leading tribes in other worlds and at other times came in handy on many occasion.

The remainder of TLA taught me to believe in TLA, as without the efforts of the many, there would not have been a chance.


Thank you JV. I have nothing but the utmost respect for you as well. You did an incredible job in the face of some serious adversity. I am proud to have worked alongside you.