Most Proven Players in W71

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[20:02:34] ShaunDK: Thats a given

kül tigin

Casuallygaming D&O
Hitmen D
Runningbullet D

As far as I know.

Da boss (Turkmenbeyi) is da best ofc..
And vemork is unstoppable..
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Judging on what I've seen and the time elapsed since the last assessment it is perhaps time to do another one.

I'll write a brief description on one of the people from the three former majors on W71, so will include one assessment on ex-Stop, one on Khan and one on W2V (Or more if I feel players deserve it). All comments will be positive, as it counts people as "proven" regardless it being personality, playing, leadership or what not.

List will go from still existant/dominating to least existant/extinct.


Runningbullet -
With W71 believed to be your first world, it seems like you've properly flourished and understand full well on what you're doing. Very few have the commitment and time to reach your stage, let alone on their first try. So congratulations an award for you is well deserved (It was good speaking to you on W74, when we were briefly in the same tribe)


Kul Tigin (Gracie) -
Since the start of W71 you have put in more than 100% effort into your game. Quite regularly you'd be up during nights sniping for members of the tribe and stacking them where needed. Physically as a player your skill is tip top, few could match your efforts. But more importantly, your enthusiasm and team play attitude is beyond world class.

You have always put the tribe before yourself and always see the excellence in people, you are perhaps the kindest person I've met within the TW community.


Bodycount21 & finigin789 - You two are perhaps the most persistent, enthusiastic and ongoing out of Ex W1V/Stop's entire community. Whereas the chatter boxes and egoists quite often dictated as to how "great" they felt their selves to be, I couldn't find it funnier that none of these people are here today to illustrate the point.

Your perseverance and low-key approach has led you to do reasonably well, both of you handled OP's from Khan and RoyalE with pretty much no losses in K63, the objective's focus of conquering for these two tribes. In one instance the land times were so similar it could of been considered a joint OP. Yet here you both are pushing forwards with as little as a slight scratch to show for it.

Coming from a background of chaos, disputes, egoistic attitudes, disorganisation and weekly changes in council and leadership, it is you two that illustrate the teamwork actually possible on the western side of this world.

Good things come in small quantities, well done.

I speak only from personal experiences, and lengths of appreciation here.

Honourable mentions:

Kul Tigin (Nark) - Outstanding commitment to those you hold dearest to you, yet ignored everybody else. This emphasises how much you value your closest associates.

OD/Chernabog - Yes OD, I'm calling you Chernabog again whether you like it or not lol. You illustrated a good team attitude with Venus at the start, uniting people with a range of experiences and backgrounds yet offering some solidity. Venus did well under your leadership.

KeegiKolmas - Don't be surprised, the mention is justified lol. Since our last encounter you have improved considerably so congratulations on your optimism and keep rolling the ball forward!

Pre W2V merge Contra - I honestly admit I was surprised to see your resillience.

Earlier in the world I didn't seem to know much about you. At the beginning I didn't expect you to get very far as all friends in your council (Max, Dal, Sett) had complained or just generally quit. Strange because I know these people genuinely as individuals who stick with a tribe through thick and thin until real life circumstances arose or leadership councils weren't addressing concerns they made. To have these people quit at roughly the same period surprised me. Sitting one of your players I was astonished to see how many forums you had, which from my perspective at the time seemed un-coordinated and disorganised so it did give me slight insight as to why others may have found Contra to be less organised. The people I mentioned are used to more modern and selective tribes if I recall correctly. If I remember, you had at least 12 to 15 different tabs. It was overwhelming.

What this comes to illustrate is that despite preconceptions, you effectively pulled through this phase and somehow kept things solidly together whilst taking on a number of tribes. Whilst it is not uncommon to see family tribes go through similar situations e.g. ALL4-1 fam (W66) & ~P~ fam (W67), to have their members exceed and join another tribe later on with an opportunity to win. I honestly feel you just deserve to be mentioned solely for your efforts, and for sticking around. Congratulations!


Awww, thanks Roman. For my personal choices;

Ngaz (I sat a few FL accs for a bit and all I have to say is you made them hell)
Vermork (Even though he's an arrogant little guy, he's very skilled)
BodyCount21 (Persistance partnered with skill have made you a very subtle but awesome player, we still have some fight in us yet I imagine.)
Eye. (For his time back in |GOTR|, as even though Venus was protecting TWP, you mucked them up.)

These are just players I had encounters with that I can remember immediately. However I'm not very outgoing / "big" (Personality-wise) on this game, so I never met many people in this world. So I'm sure there are more I never saw first hand.

- Avery


Contra players who became W2V players:
runningbullet - Just keeps on running.... forward of course.
m4r71n - Did good.
eolver - Friendly and good.
Accent - I liked the small re-cap fight we had when I was still around.
Koss. - Only because you seem to have a big fan-base.
CasuallyGaming - Almost forgot you...


Koss - We all know it, Koss is a huge part of the show
Ngaz - Just a monster
Martin - He put up with months straight of beatings and still took sits and helped others, he was also a great all around player
Bullet - Just keeps showing hes better and better as time goes on :)


All Contra council was well well proven as well..

Max, Kapil, CG, the original drlum, dark even Mystogan for a short period of time.. Those names are co players and others that do deserve credit in this world as well..
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All Contra council was well well proven as well..

Max, Kapil, CG, the original drlum, dark even Mystogan for a short period of time.. Those names are co players and others that do deserve credit in this world as well..



Mystogan :lol::lol::lol::lol::icon_cool::icon_cool::icon_cool::icon_cool::icon_biggrin::icon_biggrin::icon_biggrin::icon_razz: