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Discussion in 'World 30' started by ChamichA, Dec 23, 2010.

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  1. smurks

    smurks Guest

    who said i was going into RAM? just a few friends there thats all:). could they have controled a hacker? no sometimes even the best of passwords can be hacked if someone pays a hacker to do it... once you learn paj that your tribe is dieing and has only had advancement on D2.. the soon you all can delet. the only line that i have seen hold is the line you are in( does leader get extra d then the peons who follow him)? well who knows right? yes i have up staged you because your arrogance leads you believe that i brought my ignorance into this, when in fact what i said proved to be true and by all means you can called me a liar( because i honestly dont care what you think) and say i minipulated the stats to my likeing when all i did was put both tribes in no matter what i picked 1 week, 1 month, forever... it all came up the same RAM, Drift over you... so Paj, i ask you who really has there foot in ones mouth? not me...( whats that paj i cant hear you get you head out of your ass and talk to me like a gental man). i gave no sign of disrespect at you and you call me ignorant, thus i will respond properly to what you say to me. to get respect you have to give it.

    Celts are doing fine without me. if you really wish to know find Cabster or dan15a, they will tell you.
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  2. dan15a

    dan15a Guest

    yea we are doing fine but how thats has any thing to do with what the others posted???

    as for my opinion the war between RAM and phoenx slowed down very much lately every day i look on conquers map and i never see loads of conquers on RAM phoenx border and especially from phoenx side

    its just my opinion from what i see in the map
  3. smurks

    smurks Guest

    dan if you read what paj wrote you will clearly see he asked me how you are doing.... as for the map i have the map from when the war frist started to now and RAM as crushed into paj and friends...only line thats held is paj and bull.
  4. dan15a

    dan15a Guest

    well but mainly if you look at it daily and compare to the wars we had in north BH vs THE, BH+THE vs hammer + decide they all had mass conquesrs

    here you can see that phoenx daily move south onto d2 and almost no conquers on ram core

    and ram are having a nice amount of total conquers but its split over a huge territory
  5. smurks

    smurks Guest

    hell mate dont worry:)
  6. noobaxes

    noobaxes Guest

    Historically, RAM has never been a nobling machine... They have cat ops, nukes ops and that's about it.
  7. smurks

    smurks Guest

    they noble about 2/3 what they nuke... if they nuke it and hit a stack the stack will be hit harder once the stack gets low a cat op is performed on the cluster unless its a vital cluster that will serve a pupose.
  8. dan15a

    dan15a Guest

    you mean they first waste troops on killing the stack and then in most of the cases just cat the villas down and move on???

    wow thats weird instead they can override the stack and move to other vital villas or just other villas
  9. smurks

    smurks Guest

    kill the stack if you dont have enough nobles and that cluster is just a side project of yours and not a vital cluster then cat it to shit and keep it to a lowpoint standerd by catting it everyday until you see that village/ cluster has been given up on.
  10. noobaxes

    noobaxes Guest

    I would really like to see the facts about that 2/3 claim... What is this based on and how would you know that :icon_eek:.
  11. smurks

    smurks Guest

    just what ive seen on ops ive whitnessed. the stack cat nuke thing is what i would personally do in this stange of the world if i was short nobles
  12. KarmaX

    KarmaX Still Going Strong

    Sep 18, 2008
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    U won't know it if you haven't attacked PHOENX .. ! Raven is always there with CTRL+F and then KarmaX in K-65 mostly, and defending, and he is SMEXY trained Vet .
  13. dan15a

    dan15a Guest

    again karmax i said it was my opinion based only by looking on the map nothing more
  14. bobbynaked

    bobbynaked Guest

    As much as I hate to admit it, Noob is right. We don't noble 2/3 of what we nuke, not by a long shot. I think 1/10 might be more realistic.
  15. noobaxes

    noobaxes Guest

    Finally something we agree on... It must be what we call the Christmas magic :lol:

    I don't know how you can really calculate that kind of stats anyway other than by pure guesses.
  16. bobbynaked

    bobbynaked Guest

    Nah noob. If you listened to what I have to say you'd find I'm not nearly as full of shit as you think I am. I'm just passionate in my convictions.

    I concur. You can make an educated guess but there's no way to really know.
  17. Pajuno

    Pajuno Contributing Poster

    Jul 21, 2007
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    Your ignorance is even more apparent.

    Ram was disbanded how long ago? You have your forever stats and that is dated to when? Approximately one month ago? So you have stats from the last month to bolster your statements. Take your foot, and put it in your mouth now, please. Did you forget that the forever stats are no longer true? That Phoenx was up on both Ram/Drift prior to both their disbandments? *Ahem* ignoramus with a large mouth.

    Do you know who is active in phoenx? Twstats probably tells you no one.. but that is the best part. Your ignorant, so you cant know any better. You live in the now, not the total time involved. You think that just cause a few weeks of stats are against phoenx that we are dying, deleting, quitting.. but again, that is your stupidity.

    I suggest you post about what you know, and not what you think you know. Your ignorance is borderline offensive, and yes.. i know you are sitting azrael account.. So you are one step closer to your butties in Ram.

    now quick question.. what is Ram gonna do to save you from BH?
  18. bnkrmike24

    bnkrmike24 Non-stop Poster

    Nov 27, 2009
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    Side 1:
    Players: smurks
    Side 2:
    Tribes: BH, BH.

    Timeframe: Forever

    Total conquers against opposite side:

    Side 1: 5
    Side 2: 4
    Difference: 1


    Points value of total conquers:

    Side 1: 3,135,941
    Side 2: 272,168,708
    Difference: 269,032,767


    Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

    Side 1: 46,766
    Side 2: 34,683
    Difference: 12,083


    Not much needed to do, he is doing fine. Infact winning :lol:
  19. smurks

    smurks Guest

    lol:p hell and 1 of those i gave to them because i thought i was deleting:p so? idk paj your arrogance of you thinking i need help from BH is laughable at that. do you have a foot thing or something? and paj do us all a favor and just admite defeat in this battle because i already won. yes i WAS sitting azzazzel-ra but not anymore, yes i got him his great power of the day award. so if my ignorance shows yours is blossuming into a full grow flower mate:\ get real or go home paj your nothing anymore.
  20. Cy-Pres

    Cy-Pres Guest

    Oh my, Smurks, you got Azz's "Power of the Day" award on November 2 by nobling out an abandoned account and former tribemate of Azzazzel-Ra (jcsemko of ~DOW~) and three 1500-point barbs? I'm impressed. You DO fit right in. :lol:

    Wow. You're not on the account any longer? I can only guess you earned a promotion from sitting DRIFT into a real RAM account with your stellar play.

    (More likely, the sitting time for Azz ran out. But where are you sitting now?)