Mr Potato Head Has Lost an Arm


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(Disclaimer*) These are personal opinions expressed by me, Llama, and do not represent my employer, AFK LLC, in any way shape or form KEKW)

Alas my time has come to put myself on the cross and die for the potato’s sins. Any villagers and villages lost will reach heaven dying for their God. It’s time to save the Potatoes from wasting more time and pp on this world. People call me the Llama Jesus.

Remember before you attack me and ally with RIDE, and fight it out, to heed the wise words of Kung El Cid

I’m not the Llama you deserve but I’m the Llama you need.

I myself will ascend and become INACTIVE

Since Spud you wanted to nuke me anyway, I bid you adieu, adios and



P.S. King Silva 2.0???

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