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This is more like a diary if anything just my time in world 78 so far, as events happen ill edit the post and so on!

So at the time of making this i'm about 1.6k points I started maybe around the 9th of December so ill speed things up and catch you all up to date of what happened in that time.

9th December: started my village joined a trusty tribe called Haze was doing well for my self messaged people around me making some friends

11th December: Noticed half my tribe was on the other side of the map, saw a new tribe rising from the group in my K, Well I Never. One of my friends from Haze went inactive...

20th December: Tribe council was planning to make a merge with another tribe MagNum! wasn't too keen for the merge but didn't want to be left alone so i followed my tribe, Haze friend turned to a barb so cleared him and started farming T_T R.I.P

24-26th December: This break helped me focus on troops and farming once that break was over

31st December: Another break.... but makes all those barbs fill up so was kinda worth it!

1st January: War! The tribe AfterMath and Death declared war on our small rim tribe!

4th January: My first 1k+ troop attack Cleared a member of AfterMath But got back tracked... lost most of my army

8th January: Left Magnum and joined Synthesis II Was a pointless war and wanted nothing to do with it, wanted to focus on growing my army and my village!

13th January: War with Hazardous Materials broke out, they gave us a choice to disband or die in war! so me and my chicken-ness left the tribe and soon after Synthesis II was disbanded, Brought the old tribe back Well I Never But instead now called Weirdos In Need

16th January: Weirdos In Need has fallen Team member got nobled with out asking for help and leader quit...

17th January: Rejoined Haze... back where i started, Put onto a op right away. Made a deal with the devil. >_<

20th January: Nobled my second village... only a barb but better then no village.

26th January: Left Haze Joined AfterMath don't know why but AfterMath was falling apart leadership issues i guess.

28th January: Friend Ive been talking to vanished and went inactive built up another noble and clear and nobled them sadly. >_< (third village)

31st January: With AfterMath falling apart from the inside i got a great offer from a new tribe coming from the south TRON me and 2 of my friends would be accepted with open arms so couldn't say no to a offer like that and joined TRON.
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Nice start. I'd like to see more about problems you encountered and how you solved them.


Nice start. I'd like to see more about problems you encountered and how you solved them.
I wont post all the information until its be done So war plans for example >_<