Music 10s


Top 10 Artists/bands
1. Linkin Park
2. Ludo
3. Radiohead
4. Flight of the Conchords
5. Sublime
6. Cake
7. The Clash
8. Nirvana
9. Nine Inch Nails
10. Van Halen
11. Pantera (had to add it)
Top 10 Songs (Please say the artist)
1. Hit the floor - Linkin Park
2. Cowboys from hell - Pantera
3. Nobodys listening - linkin park
4. 15 step - radiohead
5. nugget - cake
6. bank robber - the clash
7. perfect drug - nine inch nails
8. the man who sold the world - nirvana
9. testify - rage against the machine
10. wolf at the door - Radiohead

Top 10 Albums (Please say the artist)
1. Meteora - linkin park
2.Nirvana unplugged in new york - nirvana
3. in rainbows - radiohead
4. comfort eagle - cake
5. year zero - nine inch nails
6. essintal clash - clash
7. vanhalen - vanhalen
8. Sublime - sublime
9. Rise and fall - the offspring
10. appetite for destruction - guns and roses


wth, aviril lavigne?????

EDIT: Oh, it was Mr. Chooks, so this can be ignored :p


My Top 10 Favorite Albums (no particular order as they switch from time to time):

1) Back in Black - AC/DC
2) Master of Puppets - Metallica
3) The Joshua Tree - U2
4) Indestructible - Disturbed
5) Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends - Coldplay
6) Final Fantasy XII Original Soundtrack - Hitoshi Sakimoto, Masaharu Iwata, et al.
7) Quadrophenia - The Who
8) Paul's Boutique - Beastie Boys
9) Reanimation - Linkin Park
10) Xenosaga Episode III Original Soundtrack - Yuki Kajiura

Go ahead and flame me for the non-rock ... but I listen to a lot of different stuff .. I avoid rap & country like the plague, though, because it either pisses me off or makes me sad.


Top 10 Artists/bands
1.guns n roses
3.john lennon
4.david bowie
5.sarah brightman
6.louis armstrong floyd
8.marilyn manson
9.charlotte church

Top 10 Songs (Please say the artist)
1.theme from requiem for a dream
2.november rain(guns n roses)
3.last dance with mary jane(tom petty)
4.white rabbit(jefferson airplane)
5.another brick in the wall(pink floyd)
6.figlio perduto(sarah brightman...originally beethoven)
7.imagine(john lennon) lennon)
9.what a wonderful world(louis armstrong)
10.nights in white satin(moody blues)

Worst 10 Artists/Bands
1.any boy band!
2.yoko ono
3.bjork(i was really high and bought one of her c.d's..i almost commited suicide)
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Pam Nam

Guess I will do some of my favourite songs...

Top 10 Songs (Please say the artist)

1. I Hate Black (Rachel DeScrimination)
2. Fun on the Farm (Dawn Keebals)
3. Thats the spot (Clint Toris)
4. Pumping veins (Hugh G. Rection)
5. Tara I love you (Dick Tater)


The theme song for Requiem for a Dream was performed by Kronos Quartet.


I do not know as I just googled it and that is what it said on Wiki.

o.k least I can try to get it for my cell phone,now that I know who performed it:icon_smile:


Conjunction Junction:

A band called Better Than Ezra covered that song as well but I cannot find it.

Instead, here is 1 of my favorite songs from them:

As for newer bands I like Paramore. The lead singer is a redhead :)

Flyleaf: Fully Alive

Flyleaf: I'm So Sick

311: Down

Shinedown: Second Chance:

EDIT: I had to add this one. His voice makes him even more smexy :)

Kings of Leon: Use Somebody
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prince dale

top 10 artists/bands
1.slash (his solo album)
2.guns n roses
3.guns n roses
4.guns n roses
5.guns n roses
6.guns n roses
7.guns n roses
8.guns n roses
9.guns n roses
10.bon jovi

Top 10 Songs
1.sweet child o mine (guns n roses)
2.november rain(guns n roses)
3.paradice city(guns n roses)
4.shaklers revenge(guns n roses)
5.patience(guns n roses)
6.don't cry(guns n roses)
7.bed of roses(guns n roses and bonjovi) and let die(guns n roses covered beetles song)
9.lving on prayer(bon jovi)
10.always(bon ovi

worst artist/bands
just generaly death th all but metal

lol a song by teel panther its good and thats why i put it here because its speeks truth

like papa roach and all these crappy wannabes no offense if your obbsessed

and my friend is obssesd with mindless self indulgence